Kansas up 23 at Misery

Amazing what happens when you stop playing Our Sister of the Double Dribble.

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And Auburn being exposed by Tiger High.

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Aztecs lost to Saint Mary’s too.

Penny punching Pearl. Pearl did all he could do to get Trahore. Bad thing for Bruce is that Trahore sucks.


Auburn’s backcourt is straight-up clown town. Johnson wants to mean mug after a made basket while his man gets a layup on the other end. Perfect example of a Pearl player…no discipline.


Lack of discipline will get you beat! Pearl deserves a bunch of players like that. Birds of a feather flock together!
The same can be applied to players celebrating making a bucket or a dunk when their team is don’t big! Get back on defense is what should be done.

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There is plenty of distaste for both teams, but I wanted Pearl to lose. I thought he was going to stroke out over the technical and should have received a second one screaming at the officials.

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