Kansas offers Moses Moody


Alabama offered earlier today.

Here we go. His first blue blood offer. What the Moodys were waiting on. However it was inevitable.


Is it just me or is Kansas offering all of our star B.B. recruits after our offers?

I feel Iike they are letting our staff do all the hard work with evaluations then drop their offer after ours.


They offered KK before we did

It seems that way. It only works if you don’t have to recruit. If Moses wants to be a jayhawk just for the sake of being a jayhawk, then yea, let someone else do the work. But if he wants to be where he’s wanted and needed, it won’t. We’ll see what he decides.

It is just you. Kansas is simply waiting till the recruit rises in national rankings as a result of AAU play and then offering. That is what happens with all national recruits of any state.