Kansas new contract with Bill Self

Well. It would seem Kansas just Gave Bill Self a Lifetime Contract, giving the Dreaded NCAA a great big middle finger and daring them to do something about it. While were at it, Bruce Pearl is still with Auburn with a Minor one year self imposed post season ban Will Wade is still at LSU. Let me guess. The NCAA is just taking it’s time. Getting all it’s ducks in a row. Waiting for the right time to lower the boom on the cheaters. It’s been what? Two years? Three since Wade got caught on the FBI wire tap? Bill Self I suspect as well. And what about Pearl. You find Pearl, you almost always find recruiting violations. While these coaches go about thier merry way we wait patiently for the NCAA to make it’s move, these Coaches go about thier merry way paying recruits and gobbling up wins and Championships. All the while, sports reporters and commentators smile, chuckle and say well that’s our Bruce, Bill and Wade for ya. But I guess I should be patient. Hopefully the NCAA will make thier move before these Coaches retire.

Well this sets Arizona up to extend Miller but they haven’t made a move.
Kansas if found guilty in the case just made it clear they have a totally lack of instructional control. Self is a dirtbag!
The same is true for Auburn and LSU.
The NCAA is a joke! They only care about money! The new way to send a case against you to the Independent review process is just another example of the smoke screen.

And yet if Treylon Burkes goes on Instagram and endorses the new line of Trout Magnet lures that’ll be the downfall of amateur athletics

Treylon Burks…

Mr. Treylon Burks!!!

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