Kansas loses to TCU

Weird stuff happens in March…

Josh Jackson was suspended.

And Kansas fouled a 3-point shooter with 2.5 left and tie score. Oops.

Prairie Chickens should still be a #1 seed (Tulsa?) but not THE #1 seed.

Jamie Dixon is going to get that TCU program rolling.

Bill Self will have time now to do a Kleenex commercial! I was headed to the door to take my son to baseball practice when they committed the foul with 2.5 seconds left.
Kansas failed to drive late in that game and put up a bunch of 3’s that they missed.
It’s their own fault. I’m glad for TCU

I hope they lose early in the big dance. I’ve never been able to stand Bill Self and the way that he leaves programs in the dust. I know that he is a good coach, but he has done to teams (and players) what he would not like done to him.

Hasn’t he left jobs for better jobs? How is that any different than what Mike Anderson has done? Unless I am missing something to which you have inside knowledge.

He’s had 4 HC jobs in 25 years and each time was a step up…ORU<Tulsa<Illinois<Kansas.

I don’t really see anything wrong with that.

Bill Self’s leaving one job for another has nothing to do with the fact that each was a step up. It has everything to do with how he screwed the student/athletes and misled the fan bases. Perhaps the kid who wanted to transfer from ORU to Arkansas and was told no, only to have Self leave ORU just after that, might be one of those who didn’t care for the way he was treated.

Compare the classy way that Tubby Smith behaved to Tulsa and Tulsa fans and the way Self behaved. There is no comparison. I know it is water under the bridge, but some of us remember.