Kansas game time

Arkansas’ game Saturday will begin at 4:15 p.m. on CBS.

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That’s just great!!!
The CBS channel on DirecTV, (channel 10 KOLR), has been unavailable and has been for quite a while!!
The owner of the channel has removed it from the lineup despite DirectTV’s request to keep it available.
I’ll have to go somewhere and watch the game.
Of all the TBS channels that are carrying the games, ours has to be on CBS! That’s just great!!

I love to go to Buffalo wild wings to watch games it’s always a lot of fun and obviously a lot of good eating

CBS will be prime time national game carried. Lot’s national interest if Ark can beat Kansas that is one story line. Kansas trying to win second with Self’s health issues is the other story line. 8 projected drafts picks on court in game. Lines will change when Sweet Sixteen is settled over weekend.

You have multiple ways you can watch. You can get CBS all access, which should cost you less than $10 for the month. You can also get a cheap HD over air antenna that allows you to pick up your locals.

Where are you located?

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Worst thing about the time is that it is opposite the baseball game. It starts at 4:00.

Baseball is at 2 tomorrow.

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Cotter, by the River.

They moved it up again?
Not surprising. 2:00 is a better start time. Those next couple hrs are usually the warmest of the day.

I think the Saturday-Sunday games were 2 all along. The only one that was moved was today.

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It was always at 2. I got confused the other day and said it was a night game on the podcast, but I was getting game times mixed up.

Understandable, Matt!
Lot’s of goings on now.

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Do you have good Wi-Fi?

You can get one week free of this and then cancel.

Actually, I just canceled that. I didn’t make the connection with. CBS. ITS STILL GOOD TIL THE 24th


Oh good. Thanks for the correction