Kansas fans on Twitter

Think the end zones at Memphis are painted in KU colors, not the American flag motif.

But then that’s what happens when you go to one bowl per decade.


They’re not in Kansas on the 28th. It’ll be a little different. Per wizard of oz.

When I was a kid, our family lived in Kansas for one long, long year. I heard Ar-Kansas thrown at me countless times. WE cannot lose to these turnip heads.



Our young players better show up and show out for us to beat these guys. Our roster is thin and I’m not confident we will stop them on D. Our offense will need to run the ball down their throats to beat them, imo.

Bowl games often come down to which team wants it more. We know they want it after forever. Us, remains to be seen.


From 2011 for about 6 years or so I worked alongside a Ks St grad and fan. Same treatment. Got so old. I did enjoy telling him and all around how he was showing his idiocy but watching two bowls against our teams made up for it all.

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