Kam'ron Mays-Hunt now headed to Arkansas State (Story)...

The Bentonville two-sport standout who had signed to play baseball for the Razorbacks was kicked off his high school team after breaking team rules and Arkansas decided to part ways with him.

He has decided to head to Arkansas State, Jonesboro. :smiley:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … sas-state/

Well played, Duds.

Hmm, does not seem like a wise decision. But I wish him the best!

It does not sound like the young man had a choice on whether to find another school.

Ahh, that’s my fault for being ignorant and not reading the story, just the headline.

Yes, indeed. Red clay area for red dogs and so on.

Made me smile too!

Very well played! THANK YOU DD!

A hard head make for a sore rear end! Maybe there really are some coaches that enforce rules and standards! You can see A State jumped right in to save the day!
I have no idea what the young man did to break team rules but it didn’t sit well with Coach DVH!