Kamron Curl

Is now the starting strong safety for Washington and doing very well. Getting lot of praise since he took over that spot.

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Kam, scoota and agim…imagine how our current staff could use them. Man, our last staff was just awful.

Btw, kam’s dad is a great follow on Twitter


Curl, Greenlaw, Harris, Sosa, Armon Watts and Ramsey all in the NFL from the awful Morris era and we still had terrible defenses. That should tell you how much coaching matters.


Speaks loudly.

Chad Morris cost a lot of kids money!! Curl problem could of went 3rd or 4th round or even higher and with Greenlaw probably could of went 2nd round! It’s very sad that one person could effect players future

Agim probably would of been a 1st round draft pick under another HC!! #VERYSAD

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