Kamren Curl tweets he's announcing on next Thursday


Bielema and Rhoads did make their in-home visit with Curl and his family. I assume they’re still visiting. I’m not sure of that though.

I think things went well with the in-home. One can only assume Thursday will be good news for the Hogs.

Bielema, defensive backs coach Paul Rhoads and recruiting coordinator E.K. Franks made an in-home visit with the highly recruited Curl.
He had planned to make a decision on national signing day Feb. 1.

Curl, 6-2, 180 pounds of Muskogee, Okla., said he has narrowed his list of 25 scholarship offers to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, TCU, Ole Miss and Baylor.

He and his father, Greg visited Fayetteville for the Hogs’ 31-10 victory over Florida on Nov. 5. Before the in-home visit they had plans for an official visit to Arkansas on Jan. 27, but that has changed to Jan. 20-22.

Soooo…if he is announcing 19 Jan, and OV the next day, that has to mean good news for the good guys. WPS!

I saw where the Longhorns staff writer picked him going to OU and hour ago.

Have to assume they told him we’ll be full by 2/1.

Unfortunately, this is my gut feeling as well… The timing of His Arkansas visit and his announcement doesn’t jive. From the outside it looks like OU put the pressure on Him to lock it down.

I would be thrilled to wrong… Looking forward to more scuttlebutt from Richard.

Well, it’s either a victory tour on January 20-22 or a canceled visit on the 19th. The good news from what I’m reading is he’s switched the OV date from January 27 to the weekend after the announcement. He could have already canceled it.

Gut feelings are often wrong.

FWIW, Kamren said the coaches arrived around 6:30 and left around 8.

Then color me thrilled Richard. That would be fantastic news Sir. :smiley:

Our Team needs him.

I see now… Thank you for that information.

Atta boy, Richard on dem gut feelings.

Pour it on BJ… As I said before, I would be thrilled to be wrong.

But please pile on old chap if that strokes your ego. :lol:

He’ll be a HOG! WPS. Good job on this one CBB!

Sounds promising, but things can always change.

Look at RD being sneaky!! Lol

Just stating facts. Gut feelings are usually biased.

Tell me Richard, what biases are you talking about? I said I would be thrilled to be wrong… Never said an ill word to you EVER nor am I one of these negative asshats that only post when something bad happens, I’ve been nothing but polite to you. So what gives?

I’m not RD, but all he said was that “gut feelings” are usually biased and wrong, he didn’t say anything derogatory towards you.