Not surprised that he is playing well on this trip. On the rare occasions he saw the saw the floor last year, he produced. Unfortunately, he also had a Reggie Chaney like tendency to stay in the coach’s dog house. Hoping he has matured and will be a steady contributor this season.

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I really like the effort, hard play, and passion he plays with but, he must learn to not let that passion boil over into angry ready to fight moments… he has shown that a few times. Its one thing not to take sh1t from an opponent but its also another thing if your pushing and instigating. Word of that will spread and the refs will be watching you really close and have a hair trigger on things. I think Muss will make sure he keeps that under control.

BTW did I say again how much I like his hard play, effort, and passion. Two thumbs up!!

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He has a nose for the ball unlike any Razorback player I’ve seen. But
I’ve only been following Razorback hoops since 2006…so I’m sure you older folks can name another that was as good an offensive rebounder as Kamani.

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Yes. As great a rebounder as Jaylin was for us last season, Kamani was the team leader in rebounds per 40 minutes played. Kamani is a great “position” rebounder. He also is a master at using that big butt to clear space for himself around the basket. He’s relentless in going after rebounds.

Now that he seems to have become a better passer, I look for him to get more minutes this season than last season.


I think Kamani has grown up a lot since he’s been here…and he needed to. I love his attitude right now, but he might need to dial it back on the court just a little.


Dean Tolson … not that I’m older or anything :wink:


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Nikki Davis

Kamani has tightened up his body in all pics I see that catch him in profile, a lot less Mark Aguirre like now although he was never that big. Will he be able to carve out his space and positioning with his new physique?

Yep. Dean Dean the rebounding machine. Saw him play for the Shoats, way back when. Not that Im all that old either.

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I don’t know. To me Kamani looks quicker and just seems more comfortable out on the court. We’ll see if his strong interior play continues when the real season starts and the competition gets a lot tougher.

Derek Hood was one of the best Razorback rebounders at both ends. Derek was like a pogo stick, perhaps the quickest second and third jump there is. He won the SEC rebounding title right after Nikki Davis won it,


Pogo stick fits Hood like a glove.

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Hood is one of the most underrated players Razorback Basketball has ever had. His game was similar to Smith, except Derek was a little taller. I think that he is a top 3 power forward, behind only Corliss and Bobby P. He was one tough man against the very good frontlines of Kentucky and Auburn.

Anyone know what Derek is up to these days?

Ran into Derek at Atlanta airport three years ago. Asked him what he was doing after saying hello. He said he was teaching in high school and coaching some youth teams. Don’t know if he is still doing that.


Derek Hood and Dean Tolson were my thoughts. Nikki Davis was a deluxe rebounder at the end of his Arkansas time. Hood did it against better competition than Tolson.

You will recall Nolan was always criticized for not emphasizing rebounding, but Hogs had back to back SEC rebounding champion in Davis and Hood. My summer dormitory next door neighbor Tolson was indeed very good.

Hood was super to watch. I miss those days……living in Ga since.

PJ, with all due respect, I don’t recall seeing you at any of our practices. How could you possibly know how much Coach emphasized rebounding? I also don’t recall it being an issue at all until Coach A got here.

Jeremy go back and read what PJ wrote. He didn’t say that he thought that. It was criticism from third party idiots which I remember like yesterday. Message boards were full of such clowns.

The reason I remember this so vividly is because I took some of these fools on in a message board that will not be mentioned. Ended up getting banned.