Kamani Kuff’d


Fayetteville Police will get you everytime.

Any word on the disorderly conduct charge? Some background perhaps?

No bueno.

Sounds like they got got.

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He needs to save that “willingness to fight” for other SEC PFs, while under the basket “fighting” for rebounds!

I didn’t read anything about “drunk and disorderly”. Do we know if that was also charged? The swinging at a cop is really a big no no! At any rate, he will probably come into the season in much better shape than even he planned on.


Not a good look here.
Just have to see how it all shakes out.

Was he charged with disorderly conduct only or resisting arrest as well? Assault on police officer?

yikes, that sounds pretty bad. Often times, the first version of a situation is not the only version, though. but that’s a pretty bad first version.

at at a position of real need. hate this.


And if the arrest wasn’t bad enough… he shrunk an inch when the authorities measured him! :see_no_evil:

Here is the web info… it only shows disorderly. If so then that is a huge break. If he injured a cop and resisted as well, there could have been much more to his charge sheet. Now I don’t know if they can add more charges after the fact or not, but so far this is all that shows up.

The preliminary arrest report lists the charges as disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

I think you mean gained an inch

He’s listed as 6-7 on the Arkansas roster

He is listed 6-9 on the arrest report.

The important question was he wearing shoes at the time of the measurement?


Oh well… my joke has been spoiled. :laughing:

All I saw was 6’-9" in Matt’s WHS story (assumed it was from the official basketball team heights) and 6’-8" on the mug shot. Was not intending to point out a mistake… just funnin’ about measuring basketball players!

It is not wise to play basketball or go to Dickson Street sans shoes.



Nothing good happens when you either resist arrest or fail to cooperate with the police. Nada.

UA…Campus of Champions


Getting arrested isn’t a good look, regardless of how anyone wants to spin it. Coach Anderson made the ethically correct decision kicking Gabe O to the curb after his troubles; I would hope Coach Musselman comes to the same decision wrt Khamani Johnson. Need to set an example for the other players on the roster that this nonsense won’t be tolerated.

How about with Anton Beard, Jacorey Williams and Dustin Thomas?