Kamani keeping busy

May just be me, but not the activity of someone preparing to change addresses.


He’s a great kid,I have no idea what’s going on in his mind but he always has that smile working.


Maybe he’s working on being a coach.


Kamani probably knows he won’t be getting many minutes next year and his chances to play professionally are limited as well … however, I think he would bring tremendous value to the team in helping to ensure a continuity of culture with 10 newcomers becoming first time Razorbacks.

If JWill does come back forcing someone else to give up a scholarship, I would love to see Kamani assume a role as an intern or grad assistant in the Student-Athlete Development Department to stay involved with the program … if JWill doesn’t come back, I’m very comfortable with Kamani as one of the 13 on attitude alone.


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What a man!

He is a high effort player and seems like he genuinely loves being a Razorback. Every team needs someone like him.


Kamani is an outstanding rebounder, especially for a 6’7" guy. I think that’s one reason Muss gave him 10 min per game in SEC play. He actually led the team in rebounds per 40 min. He finished just ahead of Jaylin for the entire season and also in SEC play (13.8 and 12.9).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Muss wanted him to stay for those occasions in games where we are getting out rebounded badly. Kamani won’t give you many points and he’ll foul too much, but he’ll always fight anyone for rebounds and always give you max effort!

I’ll be happy if he’s on the team next season.


He looks taller than 6’7" in the pic with Williams and Devo.

He’s a legit 6’8". Probably around 240 lbs. Big, tough dude who doesn’t back down from anyone. Seems like he’s happy and plans to stay. Can always use an enforcer type. Rosie Wallace comes to mind.

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One more still has to go. Who is it?

Well it isn’t Devo.

That would seem to leave JWill, or Jaxson, or one of the freshmen backs out. One of those three options seems much more likely.

Has Kamani stated publicly that he is coming back?

Say what??

You know something the rest of us don’t. First I’ve heard of this.

He knows nothing. He’s just guessing…

Everybody calm down…


He seems to be happy in Fayetteville. He is focused and leaves it all on the court. The Enforcer fits him.

No I’m not guessing. I’m laying out the possibilities. Have I heard that one of them is gonna bail? No. But you have to get down to 13 somehow.

I should make one addition: That one of the freshmen doesn’t qualify academically. I have no idea if that’s a concern, but frankly those little prep schools like Link scare me.

Kamani represents the type of player you want at Arkansas, kind, gentle off the court and all business, strong and assertive on the court. Those kids may never forget the day Kamani showed up and read to them, priceless!! WPS

So you’re guessing…


I don’t know about all kind & gentle off the court. Khamani got in a disturbance, arrested & accused of swinging on a cop in the summer. Then suspended for a game or 2 in Dec for undisclosed reasons. But he apologized publicly for it.

This staying busy stuff could be part of an agreement between he & Muss just to stay onboard.