Kamani Johnson

Apparently is seeking waiver to play this season. So my understanding is if he’s granted the waiver, he can play the remainder of this season, and still have 2 seasons left to play, due to the one-time exemption rule.

He could be the physical low-post scorer this team is currently missing.

Hope it works out for him.

Yes, because of the NCAA’s free year, it is now possible for him to lay three instead of two.

Having a 6-8, 225-pound power forward would be a solid addition

From watching video of his play at Little Rock, he looks like a player who provides something this team does not have. A blue collar, tough presence inside. Can get garbage points on putbacks and finishes in traffic. Reminds of several undersized but effective inside players Auburn usually has.

We just happen to have a coach that is accustom to players changing during the season, getting new additions and players moving up and away from their system. I don’t think transferring in will hurt him as far as getting playing time. If he is able to learn the system and be a benefit he will get put into the lineup. I don’t know a thing about him or his game but apparently Muss thinks he will be a good fit for us.

So far, I defer to Muss. He certainly seems to understand all aspects of basketball. This includes picking players to recruit and then improving their play.

I am sure happy with the basketball program as it continues to improve. I always have felt that we can compete at the highest level of college basketball, and it certainly looks like Muss will be winning big soon.

Get ready for a surprising season. It’s going to be good.


Are there any political or perception issues associated with the Hogs accepting a transfer from one of the smaller athletic programs in Arkansas, e.g., UALR? Kamani was obviously a good player for UALR.

I have mixed emotions about him playing this season. I think I would prefer getting 3 full seasons out of him, unless the rule means the 3rd season would have to include the rest of this season.

Not that I am aware of at this time.

I think Darrell would have loved to have kept him, but he wanted to move on.

Didn’t appear to be with Jerry Jacobs

True, but I’m not sure it’d be the same for someone to do it within the same season.

Immediate eligibility for ALL transfers, according to ESPN.

I would love to have him, he actually looks like he knows what to do with the ball in the post, which is more than I can say about anybody we have right now,bring him on, he can help us.

Looks like the rule is showing they must have started the year at that school, which obviously Kamani didn’t. Looks like he will need a waiver to be eligible immediately. Am I reading that right, @RichardDavenport @MattJones?

and he has great hair. our roster this year has solid coif. Last year Jimmy held us back in the hair department, and IJoe started out great, but then copied Jimmy’s style. definitely held us back.


Based on what I’ve read, Johnson would not be eligible to play this season because he was not enrolled at Arkansas for the fall.

Well, Johnson is seeking the NCAA waiver to play this season. I guess we’ll see.

Agree. NCAA has just announced that any athlete who transferred to a school for this past fall season, in any sport, is now eligible to play, if they were sitting out due to the old transfer rules. They said the 2 sports that would benefit from this is men’s and women’s basketball.

As this reads, it looks like Johnson will have to get a waiver, just to play next fall. Without it, he wouldn’t be eligible until Jan, 2022. The new one time rule pretty clearly covers only transfers who enrolled in the fall semester and were sitting out. If this had happened the year before, both Notae and Connor would have been eligible beginning Jan. 2020.

If Johnson has petitioned for a waiver beginning Jan 2021, maybe the NCAA will act on that? I would imagine though, they won’t even look at a waiver until after he is enrolled.

I guess since Kamani didn’t transfer to Arkansas this past summer and attend classes at the UA this fall, his chance of getting cleared to play immediately is unlikely.

Am I understanding this correctly?

So, he has 1 and 1/2 seasons to play at Arkansas starting in Jan. '22?

That doesn’t seem fair. Even while attending UALR this fall semester, he didn’t play for the Trojans.

He’s played 2 full seasons of college basketball, he should have 2 full seasons of eligibility remaining.

Got a better chance of seeing a T-Rex suit up than Arkansas being granted a waver…

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