Kamani Johnson is out as he has been suspended indefinitely

Wait, so is there something official out, or are we still waiting for it? I don’t mind waiting for the official word.

No there is nothing out officially other than he has been suspended indefinitely.

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Ok, Dudley, I’m going to put one of the rumors on here as to why he was suspended. I’m told this is the real reason:

Mr Johnson was suspended because he actually attempted to play 3pt defense during practice.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. That one was hilarious to me


That’s what I like most about you guys, some of these other sites are a roller coaster ride when it comes to issues like this. Thank you all for the great job you do and wish you guys a Happy New Year!! WPS

I was sorta waiting for someone to mention that. I was also thinking he added to the problem by resisting. I thought at the time he might be a bad seed…apparently the jury is still out. Muss is the jury.

If he didn’t pass enough classes it is definitely permanent for second semester. He probably didn’t realize he had to pass.

Didn’t realize he had to pass??? Surely your joking.

If it was grades he would be ineligible the rest of the semester.

I’m positive it isn’t a grade issue. Just not sure how “bad” the issue actually was, and don’t know how long he will be out. Guess we will find out soon.

If what that other board says is true I doubt we see him again. I just don’t see Muss putting up with that kind of stuff.

Kamani seems like a likable person, a charismatic personality and talented player. I enjoyed his post game interview recently. However, I’m not surprise there’s a behavioral issue again, and his status with the team is now in jeopardy. The early sign was his arrest this year. I expected he may have subsequent disciplinary problems arise; my intuition was unfortunately correct.

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