Kamani Johnson is out as he has been suspended indefinitely

What is up with Kamani???

grades maybe? that’s a rumor floating about w/him but does that warrant an indefinite suspension?

i don’t know

too bad team could use his aggressiveness on the glass

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Strange, I don’t think anyone survives three years of college and then all the sudden fails out academically. Also a very strange time in the semester to kick someone out for academics

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First semester just finished, grades just came in. If he didn’t maintain minimum GPA for the first semester, he’s out for the second. I don’t think that’s a coach’s call, that’s NCAA.

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True I guess this is about when grades should be coming out

He wouldn’t be suspended indefinitely for not making grades for entire semester, he would be ineligible for next semester.


I hope that academic problems are the only problems Johnson has. If he is not going to class, that should be fixed with a couple of weeks of perfect attendance. Other problems might not be as easy or quickly fixed.

I hope that he rejoins the team because his play last week was impressive. You cannot have too many active tough bigs who are good rebounders, score on the floor, draw fouls and then making his free throws.

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Yeah, just discussing the rumor mill where grades came up. If it’s grades it’s ineligible. But not sure it’s confirmed as a suspension? If suspended for disciplinary reasons, isn’t Muss one of those coaches that doesn’t discuss specifics? We may never know the actual reason other than rumors.

Remember he got arrested earlier this year on Dixon street. He’s been in the dog house a few times.

He’s got to figure out if he wants to be here or not.

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It may get figured out for him.

As a college professor I can state with almost certainty that if it were grades they would call this “ineligibility.” I cannot imagine a scenario in which grades causing ineligibility would be called “suspended.” That would cause a problem with the Provost’s office quickly. All sorts of student privacy violations would be cited. Fast. Suspended indefinitely must be disciplinary action for something. (Now…skipping class would be something that Muss could suspend a kid for…because that’s breaking HIS rules. But if its actual bad grades, they would have to be careful about what language they use publicly).


Ugly rumor out there, has nothing to do with grades.

If I were y’all, I’d wait to see if any of the media guys find out and they let us know

He just tweeted an apology. He didn’t say what happened, but it sounds like he will be back.

He proved last week he can help us.

uh oh

hopefully he can come back

team needs him

Muss after the game om Kamani

“I’m not going to comment [on Johnson]. I know (SID) Mike (Cawood) put our a release, and that’s where it is.”

Muss on JD

“We knew coming right out of Christmas break. We found out then and waited another day to be sure. He’s plus-144 for the season. He was the leading scorer in the league. But we got on the plane to compete and win the game. We were down bodies, but we’re not excuse-makers and we’re not going to not go play a game because … if we have enough bodies to go play, I’m going to play. That’s how I was raised. We’re not going to figure out a way to not get on the plane. We’re going to get on the plane and play as long as we’ve got enough bodies and they’ll let us go. That’s our obligation and that’s what we did. We lost the game and we got outplayed.”

(Do you anticipate getting JD back for Vandy game? What’s the prognosis on that, and can you say if he’s in covid protocols?)

“I think Mike’s release states it. And I have no idea whether he’ll be back for the game or not. It’s out of my hands. I don’t know when he’ll be back. We’ll just have to take it day by day I guess.”

wooo boy the rumors about Khamani are flying now…

some of them really U-G-L-Y

And that is why we don’t traffic in rumors on this site.


right. but there’s another Hog board that does…bigtime