Kamani and Trey Wade

I take it that Muss considered Kamani to be an upgrade over both Bay Bay and EH. Now Kamani’s status appears to be quite murky. Enter Trey Wade. How does his game compare with Kamani’s? If Kamani is out, does Wade make up for his loss?

First of all, I’m not sure that Kamani is out as I think there will be penalties - both legally and athletically, but not sure being kicked off the team is one of them.

It would appear that they are similar players although Kamani has better rebounding numbers an gets to the free throw line while Wade may be better all-around when you add in his defense and experience.

I’m hope whatever guy is banging down there is 70%+ FT shooter.

He simply walked out the store and forgot to pay… (it’s rumored) which is easy to do if you start running your mouth with other patrons inside.

I’ve done that (forgot to pay for gas at 21 yrs old ) in my hometown in the early 90’s but the store cashier in a small town knows everyone and their character trait and didn’t call the police. (Figured I simply forgot)

Not everyone has anterior motives but still find themselves in a embarrassing situations.

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If that is the case, it makes sense why Bob Huggins did not see any issue with it and recruited him to be a transfer,

Maybe someone with more information will let us know (or not).

Have no information at all about this one, but it can happen. I was sitting at a bar in Memphis Airport with a long layover. I was watching a ball game of some sort. When time can to go to the gate, I got up and started down the hall. Here can the lady tending bar running after me. I felt so bad. I of course paid the bill with a a very nice tip and moved on hoping no one saw, but they did.

Would Muss have been that tough on Gabe had he explained the situation? Just asking.

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