Kam curl

I know he’s at corner right now, but played some safety in highschool, are the coaches giving him a chance at safety?
He’s a big bodied kid who in the limited pics and film I’ve seen, looks like a safety. He also seems to talented to waste time with, especially seeing how poor our safeties have been as of late, also I am waiting to see the reported improvement before I believe it.
Anyway, seems like he should get a shot at safety with his ball skils, size and speed.

They mentioned he has the size to play safety, but they like him at corner and have indicated he’ll play some this year.

They’ll lose 2 of their top 3 corners after this year (Toliver, Richardson) and Pulley would theoretically be eligible to enter the NFL Draft, even if that’s not necessarily likely. In that light, Curl has a really good chance to start at CB next year. I’d be shocked if he isn’t in the immediate rotation.

I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve seen from him at CB.

But I get the line of thinking, especially since they’ll also lose 2 of their top 3 safeties to graduation and need Montaric Brown to be ready to play next year. Some of those young guys like Deon Edwards and Micahh Smith need to make significant strides.

Safety is important, but I think the toughest position to play in the SEC is corner. Anyone who has the skill set to play corner is probably going to play their first. And, if you can play corner, you probably want to play there. It might be the ticket to the biggest pay check in the NFL.

I think we are finally getting it done on recruiting CBs. Seems like we are adding a couple of guys who can run and cover now in each of the last couple of classes, which you really, really need these days.

I kind of wonder if we are going to be in the market for a JC safety somewhere in the 18 class, given where we are at with depth at the positions.

When freshman start pushing for playing time isn’t that a strong indication that your recruiting has improved from previous classes, good to see so many freshmen shining right now. WPS

Here is a video of Curl’s interception during the scrimmage last Saturday:


I saw that and that’s what made me post. He seems to have very good ball hawking skills, that was a tremendous play. I understand the need for corners, but I also see that he won’t likely start this year, so dual training in my opinion could put him in he field as a safety, ahead of guys much less talented.

I trust Rhoads though, he is a good DBs coach and knows what he’s looking for, I just have a gut feeling our safeties will not be much improved, mainly because I question if they are SEC talent, nothing against them as people.

I don’t think anyone can fault you for taking a wait-and-see approach until they consistently prove it in games against quality opponents. I am doing the same.

He’s not as good - yet - as the players Arkansas has at safety now.

Very few freshmen are ready to play in the secondary at any spot.

He’s going to make some plays this year, but he will no doubt also get burned because of inexperience.

I don’t agree with every one of the coaches and their decisions, but they see these guys in practice every day and make their decisions off of that so they are more informed then media and fans.

Many people ignore this fact.