Kam Curl playing pretty well for WFT

Just picked off Jalen Hurts to set up a Washington field goal, now has three picks in the last four games including a pick-six. He’s been playing a lot since late October.


Good for him, hope he keeps it up

Kam gets to play NFL Playoff ball in his rookie season. Good for him.

Kam was getting a lot of love from the announcers…

After watching Curl play as a freshman and being burned so many times on the deep ball, I never thought he would play pro football in the NFL. You just never know.

And that is why you never quit on a young player. They are just that, and they have potential to grow and learn. Those who put in the hard work often do just that.

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Kam has been getting lots of love since taking over that safety position several weeks ago. Made quite a name for himself there.

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