Kam Curl drafted by the Redskins

7th round, 216th pick.

Four picks before K.J. Hill went to the Chargers. Montez is happy I’m sure.

i bet they are fuming. Hate that.

Surprised Harris hasn’t gone.

Most of the mock drafts I saw didn’t have Scoota being taken at all. But he’ll be scooped up quickly as an undrafted free agent.

The other question is C.J. Knucklehead, er, O’Grady. I don’t see him being drafted either but he sneaked in late in some mocks.

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No Scoota, no Knucklehead. But another SEC pick is Mr. Irrelevant. I believe that’s 60 SEC draftees out of 255. Sixty.

Congratulations :clap::tada:

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