Kaleel ware?

Has anybody heard anything on kalel ware ?? Will he declare stay or hit the portal ? I’m pretty sure if he hits the portal muss and kalel can let the past be the past. I remember his official visit didn’t go well because muss was trying to get other bigs around the country so he jumped Oregon before any of the 5 stars committed.

Brazille Walsh fall ware ? That’s a solid for who can play the 3-5 and shoot decent enough for a defender to respect them (besides fall) , but defense is each other best trait. And it’s what muss loves position less players

I doubt Muss would be interested.
I wouldn’t.

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Nope. Don’t need or want him.


Sky Clark is the top transfer portal player as of now a 4star injured pg who played 8games and didn’t average 8ppg. . Let’s just put that out there I don’t think there’s a team in country that would turn him down . He’s been on every draft board up until their conference tournament started . Who wouldn’t want a 7 ft 1 rim runner who can block shots and stretch the floor that was a top 15 and top 3 center in his draft class ??? We not talking about a 6’3 guard who can’t shoot we’re taking about a player who’s from Arkansas and has high potential but a questionable motor . IM NOT BIG ON WARE BUT HE IS A HOMESTATE KID AND WOULD FIT PERFECTLY IN MUSS SYSTEM anybody who knows basketball as far as X nd O’s can see that. Brazile averaged 6.6 and 5.1 rbs everyone who didn’t know the X nd O’s thought that he wouldn’t work and be at the end of the bench but he was a in half court system on a bad Missouri team . You can see the same in ware they play positionless basketball we didn’t have that besides Walsh and black after brazille left .

Skyy Clark is going to Louisville

Yes I knew that I was just saying in general if a player of his injury track record , hs ranking , nd college performance im pretty sure kalel will be way more valuable than sky Clark . That’s just me wish full thinking on this whole topic. But I see muss running it back before hegoes out on a limb like last year in the portal he gets two non power 5 big men starters and two 6th-7 men and try to make it work . None of them complimented each of others game besides brazille, graham is a sr who can score on Ben Wallace but plays jv defense .

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Oh ok. I think it’s going to be interesting to see what kind of roster he builds… I think to play the way he likes to play with the perimeter passing game he better go out and get him some shooters. He needs to get an inside presence that can flat out score.
Fall coming in will help on defense. I think blocker is going to be a great player, very impressed with his speed and athleticism and has a very nice looking shot.

We have made contact with a lot of people in the transfer portal already. Looking forward to see how this plays out.

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Ware in not all he’s cracked up to be. He doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to be a good player.

Waste of a scholly and I believe Muss knows that.

Who cares if he’s a home state kid? He’s not worth the hassle.

If it’s there Muss could get it out of him…just saying


i thought he wanted to go out of state…some kids are like that…now if he’s changed his mind and didnt burn any bridges…then bring him home…but he may just transfer some place else that meets his desire to leave Arkansas

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I don’t think Skyy Clark was ever top 10, but ranking portal entries is as fallacious as doing it for high school kids. Lots of room for error. ON3 always has a ranking and some blurb about why

And there you have it.

I hope we kick the tires here, too see if he wants to come to Arkansas and if he understands the dedication needed if so. He would be the best big since Gafford if he returned. There’s been a couple of home grown redemption stories, i hope Ware becomes another one.

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Sahvir Wheeler of UK also entered the portal.

If anyone could get the light to come on for Ware, it’s Muss. But I’m not sure even he could get through to him.

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No idea of Muss’s interest here (or Ware’s), but when uber talented 7 footers from your home state enter the portal, it would be foolish not to kick the tires.

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Sir I see you on here a lot and at first I was kinda bias towards your opinions but I’ve grown to like your outlook on the hogs but I called this before it happened

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Thank you for the kind words…looking forward to seeing how Muss builds this roster.

I seen this from a mile away . I tried to do your job while you were with your family on vacation (I need to stick to my day job lol) but could you inlighten us on what schools ? And I don’t see muss really making a push unless he pushes someone to the portal but with the new rule that’s highly unlikely. I just think it’s too much potential to let go that’s in our backyard . He tried the out of state route I failed horribly hogs, ucla were the top 3. The friendship between him ; smith , pinion, ford, Walsh, black, and devo regardless of who leaves should be enough to for 2nd try . Regardless of the up and down season we had only Hogs, zags and ucla have been to the last 3 sweet16’s