Kaden Archie announces

his top 8 and as expected Hogs make it.


Man, who isn’t LSU recruiting?

Think it’s too early to tell with Kaden, hoping we make his top 5 and get an official visit.

This was my point with them and A&M. They are on so many players, and in good position with them, that it could benefit us. Some of the players we’re on hardest might be a little lower in the pecking order for them.

I am surprised how many high number of 4 star players Hogs are on, given they had 4 out of 6 scholarships locked up way early. I eagerly await how 2017 recruiting rankings end up for Arkansas, LSU and Texas A&M, even without Perry.

While I’ve said I’d prefer that we do it a little earlier, I’m very pleased with who and how many we’re pressing. Good number of quality options for the three slots.

Bait as many hooks as possible and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I like the idea.