K Ware has cancelled his Bama visit

According Joe Tipton (national recruiting guy).


I’ve thought a lot about this. I hope we sign him. He should have signed with us in the first place.
I know there are serious questions about his motor, and quite honestly, that is why he is in the portal instead of getting ready for the draft.
The talent is definitely there.
If he wants to work hard, Muss can get him where he wants to be.

So what do Richard, pj and youdaman think that this means, if anything? And thanks jeremy for your comments on Ware.


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He canceled the Alabama visit because the assistant recruiting him just took a head coaching job. Oats has lost all three of his assistants to head coaching jobs this off-season.

Ware is likely headed to Indiana.

I think it is us and Mizzou, same duo duelling for Boateng. Dennis Gates immediately changed the culture and made it very attractive to recruits and transfers. i think Gates is a rising star, not a fan of CoMo but it is quirky enough to appeal deeply to some folks.

You are right in my opinion, Gates has changed everything at COMO to say the least, Gates is the first thing you hear coming out of the mouth of Missouri sports fans. I liked the way his team played and can see him drawing the attention of some top players. WPS

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