K State vs Hogs game thread

Our defense has taken them totally out of their offense they’re having a hard time getting a good shot

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Can’t get over confident and let them back into the game.

A technical for trash talking after putting it up and in over the defender? I hope that’s just a quirky thing with this tourney, otherwise there will be a ton of technicals in college ball this year.

Starting to take bad shots.

No because we’re not clicking on all cylinders in the half court… we can’t let them get a run and get back in it

Nice shot. But need to drive into the lane and pass it more.

Can’t just depend on the three.

Too many solo attempts to the rim.
Get the rock back to moving. They will out of this timeout.

Well with that Tony and Umude not in the game we have absolutely no inside offense we have to score from outside… Jwill have to become a factor on offense he’s not take a shot

Thank you JWill you can hit that shot.
CV perfect from the free throw line

I know Vannover will always be skinny. But he really needs to hit the gym and get stronger.

That’s big time in a short clock on an inbounds.

Yeah free throws is where we’re getting most of our points half court offense is not been sharp for the last 5 or 6 minutes…
CV it’s like 8/8 from the line

Tremendous defensive half 42-24 great job

Vanover has a great free throw shot.

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Yes he does and I’m surprised he doesn’t hit a better percentage of his three-pointers because he has great release

Yes. But are right about having better offense with Toney and Umude on the floor. There’s just better ball movement and flow.

Yes they are the only two guys we have that can score inside I would love for j Will to become a factor in there

We didn’t have Umude, Devo or Toney last 8 minutes and KState couldn’t make up any ground.

Just checked box score, K-State is shooting 26% and is 0-10 on 3’s. That’s a big change from the previous three games, either our perimeter D has improved drastically or they’re not a good 3 shooting team (or combo of both).