K State vs Hogs game thread

Well we are off to a good start.

Yes moving the ball well. Playing good tough defense

Up 15 -6 best defense we played all year…

Yes they look good. Pretty solid from the free throw line too. 5/6 I think right now.
Connor just don’t have much stamina yet. Steals and dunks. It looks like they have worked on the 3 point defense too.

Who are these announcers? Just said Devo is the only elite eight player still on the roster. Huh? JWill, Notae, CV…

Umude looks good with a steal and a slam and then 2 good turn arounder in the lane has six points

Yes but that last TO was out of control!
Bad pass led to a foul and 2 free throws. They are hot Umude can flat out get up and hit that mid range shot.

They will get educated by the final horn.

These announcers are LE CRINGE…if I hear them say spurtability one more time…gonna have to mute the tv I think.

This taunting technical is a bunch of crap

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That one was weak but they are calling it a lot.

They are calling in this tournament I’ve yet to see it call it at all it in our other games

Toney with 10… he’s tough around the goal 30-13

Where did Weber used to coach?


I have seen it called a few times.
Williams can flat out pass the rock.
The ball is moving.


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looking good so far. keep it up Hogs!

Weber is a good dude. Real humble and respectful

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Love what I’m seeing. KState isn’t close to as athletic as the Hogd