K-State scored 58 in the first half

On Texas. Up 18. At Austin. Baybe has 6 and Desi has 8.

UT closing some

Now down 12

KState put up 116 in Austin

that is darn impressive

Muss could’ve used both Desi and BayBay on this current Hog team

both would’ve brought much needed experience to an otherwise young, inexperienced roster

very unfortunate how things have gone with really good players transferring out plus all the injuries

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What happened to the defense.i know Beard is not there but I would think they’re still running the same scheme.

I doubt at the end of the year we will be lamenting not having those two.

Looking at one game where the stars aligned for K State. See how the season plays out.

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Pretty dramatic.

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Tell me who Iyiola is getting minutes over on the current roster? :joy:

Desi…not sure there’s enough bad shots to go around with he and Devo on the same team.

The KSU-Texass game set a Big 12 record for total points in a conference game, 219.

Don’t know if you watched the game, Jeff, but K-State just beat the brakes off of Texass.
The final score wasn’t indicative of how lopsided the game truly was.
Hard to wipe the smile from my face.

I did not watch; halftime score just popped up on my phone as I was getting ready for bed (combination of being old and living in the Eastern time zone). So I posted and went to sleep.

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Not really what I was implying. I doubt either would be starters. But both being super seniors could’ve eased the growing pains n this team somewhat. Something to be said for upperclassmen experience, which we haven’t had much of under Muss due to heavy roster turnover.

Desi didn’t take nearly as many bad shots as Devo does regularly

I definitely agree with that.