K.J. 's Performance

I went back and watched several highlight clip’s this morning. K.J just played a monster game yesterday! The stats bear it out, but they don’t show the athleticism and touch throw’s he made. The deep touchdown to Burk’s is thrown with a guy getting ready to blast him. The deep throw he made running to his left in a scramble, just can’t be thrown better by anyone. Go back and check them out . I am so glad he is a Razorback!!


KJ is an absolute beast. He is fearless. He has ice water in his veins and he’s a leader. He may the the only QB in the SEC that has never one used a slide to avoid contact. A true Arkansas treasure.


I’m so proud of KJ! He has far exceeded my expectations for him and the team. His leadership and toughness has transcended this ball club. He throws the deep ball as well as any quarterback we have had and I think the future is very bright for him…
I think he may come back about 10 lb lighter next year and be even more of a threat running the ball… I am very proud he’s a leader of this team… very well done KJ!

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It takes playing about six full time games before quarterbacks start to show their true skills and abilities as defensive coordinators will give you a crash course to see what you can do. Meantime it takes everyone else on team doing their jobs for the quarterback to learn and then do his. Nothing is true like game time experience where things happen faster and instincts take over. KJ has grown a Hugh amount since the Rice game

The play in 3rd qtr was amazing. He flushed left and threw a perfect ball about 30 yds or more to a receiver not open by much on run at sideline. It was as good as it gets. 3rd and long I think too

KJ has definitely improved as the year went along. His touch has gotten a lot better. He’s always thrown the deep ball well but his short passes are a lot better. He’s big dude. One one hand I would like to see him a little lighter but on the other hand I think the size has helped him stay in some games where’s he’s getting drilled. I don’t expect his numbers to be as good next year unless we see some receivers step up. It was good to see Jackson yesterday. KJ has become a great leader this year. I’m happy he’s on our team and we don’t have to face him.

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KJ for Heisman. Time to start the promotion.


Coloradohog you are right on the money, I was thinking the samething, I think that was the pass to Ketron Jackson, that was outstanding.

Not out of reach for the dude. He has the ability to carry a team on his shoulders, both running and throwing. Like Vince Young or a Lamar Jackson. If Briles sticks around, we get better TE play, and someone (including a portal transfer) fills just part of the void left by Burks, then look out. A large part of KJ’s success is TB. But I’m very confident KJ can adapt to TB leaving for the NFL.

Still, Arkansas would need to have a very special season for him to win it.

Has KJ played well enough in November to get some consideration for the 2022 draft? I believe he’s eligible since he’s a red-shirt soph? 3 years in college.

He will be so much better next year. His main area of improvement I have seen is throwing his receivers open. He just needs more experience and more practice and what a beast he will be.

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I don’t quite understand the first half, especially first quarter play calling yesterday, but it sure looked like throwing the ball, especially on first down had cooties. We ran, ran, ran, and not all too well. In the second half, we called a different set of plays, and could have completely blown out the Tigers. I just don’t understand the extent of the conservative play calling to start the game.

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It may have been bulldozer OL recruits visiting yesterday—we might have wanted to put on a “rushing” show for them. Didn’t quite work.

Sam indicated post-game that Mizzou did some things on defense that we didn’t expect, selling out for the run. So we adapted after a couple of series, hitting the long pass in the second half to set up the TD, and then pounding them with big plays in the second half. That’s what good coaches do, adapt to what the defense gives you…

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He also said you have to attack that kind of defense and break it. We didn’t do that in the first half. We did in the second.

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I’m a big proponent of kids taking free money when it’s available. However, this one seems like a no-brainer to me. Stay for one more year and show you can do it even better. With his poise and measurables, I could see him being one of those QBs who develops into a top 10 pick.

The things I’m most impressed by is that he is really efficient and is pretty good about knowing when to throw it away.

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I was at the game so it’s really hard to see everything. But from the seats in the first half Briles and the offense ran too man wasted east and west plays. They didn’t attack down field. In the second half they allowed KJ to let it rip.
The touch on the pass to Ketron Jackson was amazing with KJ running amd putting a perfec


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