K J Jefferson

Question: Is KJ Jefferson is one of the Hogs top
10 All Time great?

I say Yes.

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I’d say so.

I’ll hold off answering that till this time next year. For sure I love the guy.


If general stats and bowl victories are important, yes. All achieved while we’ve had among our worst defensive seasons.

We’ve never had a better QB.

Ferguson could pass better.

Matt Jones could run better.

Barry Lunney might have been smarter.

Brandon Allen might have been a better leader.

For the total package, I would take KJ over all of them.


two of those are clearly better than KJ.

His two seasons as a starter:


5,324 yards, 45 TD, 9 INT


1,304 yards, 15 TD

I don’t know if I could pick another QB to lead my offense if I had to have an Arkansas guy.


Without looking it up, I’d say no UA QB has touched those numbers.

Offenses have evolved over the years. KJ fits what is going on at this point in time. He may have fit some of it in the past. Would we have gone to a sugar bowl with him under Petrino? I don’t know. Maybe we win it with him. Maybe we don’t lose to Bama with him. Maybe we are better with Mallett. Just hard to say in my opinion. Petrino did well with Lamar and Teddy so maybe we would have won the whole thing with KJ. I sure enjoyed watching Mallett play. But wheels are a big deal in the NFL now.

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What I appreciate most about KJ is he protects the football. He very rarely throws a ball where it shouldn’t be. Only
9 interceptions in 2 years is phenomenal.
I also like how he can extend plays not so much with his speed but with his power and his ability to be able to see down field and make the big play
He’s as good as anybody we’ve had when you consider all of what he can do


It might be a toss-up for me between KJ and Quinn Grovey if we are comparing 2 seasons of starting QB play. KJ’s overall stats for the last 2 years would be greater than Quinn’s, but Quinn’s 2 years record of 20-4 would weigh very heavy for me. As would Mallet’s 2 year record.

Quinn’s 3 years W/L record of 29-8 is also really stout. We can compare them again after KJ completes his 3 years. They were similar players, in that both were terrific running QBs and at least good passers.

I wouldn’t argue strongly against KJ being the best, but for me Quinn is right there with him.


Don’t forget Montgomery. He was a dandy. As was Grovey. KJ is certainly waaaay up there on the list though. With a great year next year, he could be considered by most to be the best Razorback QB ever.


Montgomery was 28-5 in his three seasons and came within an inch of winning a national championship. In my opinion, no one else is close.


Top Ten QB?
I would say definitely

Top Ten overall?
No way


I’m not saying he is a top 10 overall, but I’d sure like to see some kind of comparison versus all those who contributed in a more significant way. I’d think he’d be there or be very close.

This week, while faced with losing his highly regarded halfback, two starting WRs, a grossly diluted defensive support group, and a couple coaches; KJ threw for a 96.7 QBR against Kansas. Tons of moxie. He has been pretty good.

Yes. No question.

After next year, depending on how the year goes, he may wind up top 10 overall. And I am 60…with a long memory and a love of history. Lamar McHan and Clyde Scott will always be top 10 for instance. Forever.

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What is the measuring stick?
Quinn Grovey led us to a pair of conference (SWC) championships and conference championship bowl (Cotton) games.
Fred Marshall led us to a national title (1964).
UA…Campus of Champions

Well guy, there is no way to compare era’s.

Fred Marshall and Bill Montgomery (my first hero) didn’t play against blacks.

Grovey was great, but he played against a down SWC. Almost the entire league was on probation. Also, he had a great supporting cast. Barry Foster was probably the offensive MVP. We also had future pros Rouse and Derek Russell. Jim Mabry was All American.

KJ competes against the best and carries the offense on his back.


Those are “great” numbers.

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