K Bryant now officially visiting Auburn....

Instead of Miami per Rivals National recruiting writer.

Evidently it was in the works last week.

Arkansas wasn’t mentioned as a possibility in the article on the Auburn site.

North Carolina
Mississippi St

There will be other options - Jalen Hurts of course is one. I read somewhere that Mason Fine is interested in transferring to a P5 school.

Stidham loves Morris, if Bryant goes to Auburn, don’t be surprised to see him transfer out instead of entering the draft.

Richard, do you still believe that we are in it? ghg

Stidham will be plan B sounds like…will just have to see.I have not been impressed with him this yr to be honest,not the dual threat CCM likes for this offense.

I’ll b surprised if there is anything to this. Only thing linking Stidham to Arkansas is hopeful message board posters and a prior relationship from years ago.

Grain of salt and all that but there’s an Auburn guy, Jay G Tate, who says that Bryant is a solid to Arkansas

Even if he’s available don’t see him coming here & we don’t have the talent to help him & needs all the help he can get.
I think our chances with KB are better & he can make everyone better on offense, even the Oline.