JWill's SEC games only, team leading stats

These are nothing less than astounding. And they include our 1st 3 losses:

Rebounds - 1st
Steals - 1st
Blocks - 1st
Assist to TO ratio - 1st
Free throw % 1st
Minutes played - 1st
Charges - 1st - probably 1st in the country
FG % - 2nd to Wade
Scoring - 2nd to Notae

I’ll bet he’s the only center in the country who’s leading his team in steals, asst/to ratio, taking charges, and free throw percentage.

If you look at his numbers in just our 6 game winning streak, they would be even more remarkable.


He’s a darned good freethrow shooter. He should be trying power moves in the paint all the time.


now if he could finish some and ones or plus ones rather than shooting 2 FT’s then that would be as good as it can get. My hockey team has a saying as goes Heddy so go the Lighning. Easy to say the same for Jaylin. One more parallel is find a way Tampa Bay, that definitely applies to Hogs.Jaylin is way more MVP than JD, hope he gets the next new NIL.

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