JWill with a chance to be an all time great rebounder

He has the right mix of size, bulk, athleticism, instincts, and want to.

We have not traditionally had great glass eaters at Arkansas but he is one. Playing 30+ minutes next year can easily see him averaging 10 boards a game.

Most recent great rebounders we had were Nicky Davis and Derek Hood who won back to back SEC rebounding titles. Nick averaged 9.8 and Hood 10.3.

So certainly if JWill averages 10, he will win some SEC titles and be one of the best rebounders we have had.

One difference I see between those two and JWill at this point is that Davis and Hood were like pogo sticks or quick jumpers and they could get rebounds out of their immediate area. I haven’t yet seen that out of JWill. But he has just begun and it may be coming. But you are right, he definitely shows the want and has the physique to rebound,

Hood could certainly sky and do it quickly.

Derek was good at tipping the rebound that was not in his area and grab it with another quick jump. Nick was good at that too.

Did you notice Williams clearly winning (if not blowing it away) the initial jump ball to start the game. He can jump…I think it’s about wanting it all the time.

10/15 pounds of muscle this off season and Williams will have a large say-so in the paint next year…

I didn’t say I haven’t seen him jump well. It is quick multiple jumps like a pogo stick that I was referring to. If the rebound was tipped on the first jump, Hood and Davis were up there again with the second jump before anybody else and grab the rebound. That is what I have not seen JWill do yet. “yet” is the keyword. It is coming.

Well, I’ve never seen anyone like Hood on the Hill since. I recall when he committed to Arkansas…I was stunned then, glad he did.

Jaylen does not have Hood hops, but he has all the other qualities he needs to be a glass eater. Did anyone else notice all the volleyball rebounds TT was getting Sunday night? I’m just curious, who gets credit for those rebounds? The guy who volleyed it out, or the guy who caught the volley?

I believe those go to “team rebounds”. If you notice, nearly every game’s box score has a line at the bottom of player individual rebound numbers that says “team rebounds”.

If you look at the TT rebounds in our box score for that game, they had 5 team rebounds. The Hogs had 1.

Well that makes sense. Those volleys don’t help a player’s stats, but they sure are effective.

It looked like they had practiced doing it.

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