JWill. So

Another factor that plays a role in this. He doesn’t have to go to school, attend classes, study hall, take exams and what not. In pros, he can work on his craft 24x7.

Also I know this for a fact. Once one makes up his mind that he wants to leave school, it is extremely difficult to return. I think Jaylin is there right now.

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I still believe the uncertainty with covid pushed Joe to stay in the draft when he shouldn’t have.

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Yeah. If 2021 is a good example, 2nd rounders are getting much better contracts now. Especially if you are picked in the 30s. 31 through 38 all got at least 2 year contracts and all were guaranteed for at least 2 years. #39 was the only two-way contract. Even in the 40s, there were only 4 two-way non-guaranteed contracts.

It looks like a lot depends on the player and the team that drafts them.

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