JWill. So

I just got this Bleacher Report mock draft update AFTER the combine.

I still don’t know what JWill is thinking. Maybe he got his guarantee, but I desperately hope he bets on himself and comes back. He is better than a late 2nd round pick.

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Muss is bringing in some dudes who could free JWill to work on the things he needs to be an NBA player if he comes back…

A tough decision to be sure, because he may be able to do the same thing mainly playing in the G League next year or even at a fairly high level overseas. There is also a decent chance that if he comes back the talent level on the team is so high that the ball won’t be in his hands enough to improve his draft stock to sure first round. Coming back to be a high second rounder may not make much sense.

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He knows what he needs to work on now. Why not do it as the linchpin of a potential National Champion…not to mention, a linchpin with a killer NIL?

It doesn’t matter what talent Muss has brought in…JWill will play in front of all those bigs.

I truly hope JWill doesn’t believe his max draft position is 2nd round, because he can really show out next year playing with Nick and Anthony.

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I believe that to be the sentiments of a lot of NBA scouts. Coming back for another year in college may not improve his draft stock. Unless he shows a dramatic uptick in his game, which he may or may not be able to do with all the other bigs and talent in the rotation. Plus next years draft could be loaded with talented bigs. Then another decision will have to be made.
Dan Gafford probably lowered his stock by coming back most said. All about being the hot commodity at the right time.

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I’m confident jwill understands his situation and will do what he wants to do.

And you are saying being the 45th pick makes JWill a hot commodity? Ridiculous.

Gafford is playing now, but who knows how much he could have improved his draft position (and salary) by playing a season for Muss?

And I am confident that you need to stick to hunting. JWill is about to make one of the most important decisions of his life. Maybe what he “wants” to do will cost him a lot of money compared to what it would be smarter to do?

I have no idea where his head is right now, and I know the dream is the NBA, but it just seems that most of the guys who have left us early before him have struggled to get rotation minutes…if they made the League at all. I truly hope he is getting good “real” advice. Just because you are on the NBA radar, it doesn’t mean it’s smart to go.

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No what I’m saying is next years draft will be loaded with more bigs. JWills probable reduced minutes and more talent dispersion on next years team may or may not show that much improvement for him unless it’s noticeably drastic. NBA scouts will already have a read on his game from this years combine.
As for Dan yea he probably could have improved his game with a year under Muss. Everybody around here thought he should come back for another year then to, but by all accounts he was projected higher after his freshman season based on athleticism and potential then. He certainly did not improve his stock by coming back then. But that was under a different coach here at the time. Yea he is playing now but possibly for less money.
Maybe it is all ridiculous fodder to some.

If he comes back it’s going to be a lot of JWill and another big on the floor. He will be the most-well rounded of our bigs on offense, and he probably will not have to guard the opposition’s biggest player as often. So it’s likely he will be an even more productive. But… there’s some serious scoring talent among the guard/forward types on that roster, and it’s talent that can score in different ways. So how much of the offense runs through JWill, whether he’s more of a passer than a shooter when he touches the ball beyond ten feet, and how many shots he gets a game remains a bit uncertain.

It would be a blast for Hog fans if he came back, and he would be a big help in being a rock when tough times come and some of the newcomers get a little flustered. I’m just not sure his probable role on the Hogs will be a bigger help to his professional career than a year on a pro team… It’s less about the money than it is about which path gives him a better chance to become a guy in the rotation of an NBA team.


No need to make it personal. Your own admission is that you don’t know where his head is. He does. He’s smart and has great people around him. And regardless he is going to live his life the way he wants as you do yours. And that’s ok! And we all move forward.


Here’s another mock draft published yesterday:

Not sure BR is more accurate … but Moses Moody at #57 :roll_eyes:

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In their latest mock drafts, ESPN has him No. 46 to the Pistons and The Athletic projects Jaylin to go No. 47 to Memphis. Those are the draft boards I look at and trust most.

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I work with a guy that grew up in Fort Smith and his family is close with J Will’s family. My co-worker says the family has been saying for months that J Will was not coming back.

We have all heard stories like this before and it not be true. The way Muss has been talking about J Will, I just don’t see him coming back. I truly wish he would but I just don’t see it.

I would imagine that the NBA people have told him that his stock won’t improve much if he stays another year in college. The only way I see his stock improving is that if he becomes a knock down three point shooter.

God bless J Will in whatever path life takes him. Many nights watching a game, after a bad day at work, his smile and work ethic made me forget all about my bad day.


J-Will’s natural position is a forward at the next level and he will be able to do that with the Hogs next year. That, and improving his 3 point shooting (a must in today’s game), would give him more leverage in the draft. And making a run at the Final Four would be something money can’t buy. But, I doubt he comes back because the Hogs rarely have that kind of fate in basketball.

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This is how I feel. Jaylin’s been great, I just don’t see him coming back. Muss hasn’t been optimistic on it for awhile. Hunter wasn’t either when he got the question recently, etc. I think his Dad wants him to stay in the draft. Hate it cause it could be the difference in potentially making the Final Four, or better. But we are not the only team facing this year in and year out. We can’t feel sorry for ourselves.


I think that if Jaylin were going to be a good three-point shooter, that potential would have already manifested itself in college. Hopefully he can improve incrementally.

Bobby Portis only made 23 treys as a Hog. Now he basically shoots them for a living. So it can be developed at the next level (JWill has made 24, at a lower percentage than BP shot).


Your chart isn’t the recently updated one. I don’t know how you got that, but it’s a really old draft. If you go to their site now, below is what you will see: It was updated last night. Jaylin remains at #26 to Dallas.

Edit: I think I see what happened with your link. When I just clicked on your link, I got the chart that you got, with 2 options at the top of the chart - “consensus” and “recent consensus”. Your link did not use the “recent consensus”. If you click on your original link it’s not showing “recent consensus”, click on that link beside it and you get the updated one.

Thanks. Missed that.

Joe Kleine was on FM 103.7 in Little Rock this morning, Here is what he had to say.

He has talked to scouts for a couple of teams that he knows.

They think JWill’s defense is far ahead of his offense right now, 75% of the charges that he was credited with are not charges in NBA but they know it means Jaylin knows how to rotate and be in position to defend. They like his physical measurements including body fat %. Body fat tells them he has a body that can grow into a physical specimen in NBA. They like his court vision and passing skills.

For his weaknesses, his deep shot is not consistent. And he needs to be able to finish better with his left hand. But they say these things are fixable with more work since there is nothing wrong with his shooting technique. As far as finishing it is a matter of reps.

Joe said three weeks ago he felt Jaylin is coming back but after talking to scouts, he doesn’t think so.

I am of the opinion that Jaylin won’t be able to improve his stock much by playing another year. Gafford’s draft status slipped by staying another year. Joe wasn’t as emphatic on this, but said he wasn’t sure if he improves his stock or not.

Let’s see what happens. If he comes back, it is great news for the Hogs. Odds of winning NC go up dramatically. NC is something Jaylin will always have on his resume and something to cherish. But it is debatable whether it helps or hurts his NBA aspirations.