JWill next step

It’s amazing how his game has grown this year. He is in a small group of one of my all time favorite Razorbacks.

Would love to see 2 things for next year

  1. He has great touch and seems like he should be able perfect a little jump hook in the post. This would really contribute to his versatility now and then at the next level.

  2. He is a 25% 3 point shooter this year. He clearly is a better shooter than that (especially at crunch time). He could easily improve to a 33+ % shooter next year.

Do both of those and he is a potential SEC player of the year next year (assuming he comes back which I suspect he will).

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Totally agree with you on the low post. I think if he could do a little jump hook or something (now he does a little up and under), he would be as effective down there as Corliss was.

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He is becoming very good scoring in different ways after setting ball screens - short and rim rolls, catch-and-shoot jumpers, etc. I agree with the OP. Also think he can and will improve finishing after putting the ball on the floor and driving to the rim. He’s doing more of that lately and having a bit of success. Obviously he’d like his success rate to be a bit better, but just another way he’s evolving offensively.


As this season has gone along J Williams is doing a little more each game. He is improving and has demanding the opponent to guard him.
Your all right about the need to be better in the post. I have enjoyed his and the entire teams improvement !
This is a fun team to watch despite the dry spell they have scoring.

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I was disappointed not to get Kel’el Ware, for obvious reasons, but I would much rather have a 3rd year JWill playing with those studs next year. Of course I would love to have a 5 star big, but he would only be a backup to JWill.

J Williams needs some help! Where the help comes from CEM will figure it out.
I’m like you I would rather have J Williams than Ware. It would have been nice for Ware to be a hog but I sure don’t want to see anyone become a HOG that doesn’t want to be a hog!

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add another season of weight lifting and he will be even harder to handle in the lane

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That’s where Oscar was able to man handle J Williams! The 2 years ahead of him in the weight room.

Yes, he definitely needs to hit the weights. He’s a load, but adding more upper body strength will really add to his game. I think of Jason Tatum of the Celtics, who in two or three years has added a lot of upper body strength and it has added a lot to his game.

The offense is not geared for a low post player. It is pick and roll with the big away from the basket. It’s unusual for him to spend a lot of time on the blocks.

Jwill is plenty big and plenty strong at 6-10 235. He would be better to spend time focused on lateral quickness compared to just bulking up more.

Accurate. I catalogued just 6 shots for Jaylin following a postup last month (8 games). He was 3 of 6.

Yeah I totally agree about to jump hook also would like to see him work on some post moves that would help him get shots off easier. I think he will get better from the 3 as he continues to practice, looks like he needs a little more Arch on his shot.

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Agree. Was thinking about that just last night. His 3 seems to be sort of straight on. He should watch JDs shot to see that arch. One of those Sat seemed to nearly hit the roof. Jwill’s mid range shots have more arch probably to clear the bigger guys inside. I would not bet against him. If it takes hard work to improve, it will happen.


Yeah I would have to think if we can see it looks flat that our coaches can and will get him to work on it

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One of the best things that has happened is the defense has to guard J Will now.

Last year the defense would sag off of him and dare him to shoot…I think those days are over.

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Good point, and when they play up on him, he has a quickness advantage on most SEC bigs on the dribble drive.

J Williams can really improve next season. There’s a light and day difference between his offense last season to this season. He is also a pleasure to watch with the effort, energy and smile! This Hogs team play with joy and they smile a lot it’s not just J Williams.


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