JWill may not spend as much time in G League

Creates an opportunity for some regular minutes as the season goes along.

That can be a very serious injury. My wife suffered it… It was work related and went undiagnosed for a few months and she never recovered fully. I sure hope the kid makes a full recovery.

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Holmgren and Williams play a different position, so I don’t think it matters much.

In the summer league they played Holmgren and Williams at both the four and the five at different times.

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Unfortunately Holgrem will be plagued with injuries his entire nba career. His knees will give out in 5 years. Too bad really becuz he’s a very talented player but his frail frame is going to get the crap beat out of it night in and out over 82 games.

Anyone who would give him a guaranteed contract for big bucks is foolish. You can look at him and see he is physically unsound, much like Vanover. He may be able to shoot, but to handle the rigors of an NBA schedule against NBA bodies is a reach.

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Yes. Glad someone else agrees with me about Holgrem.

If Anthony Davis can’t even play close to 82 games, how in the world did OKC think that Holmgren could? I KNEW we would beat Gonzaga last year, because Holmgren is a rich man’s Vanover, and Muss expoloited the hell out of him defensively. Unfortunately, Chet may end up like Zion, for completely opposite reasons, with the exact same results.

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