JWill in the starting lineup, last piece of the puzzle is in

I wouldn’t doubt that if he stays on track. However, he is way behind where Portis was at this stage. I think think that is what Dudley is getting at,

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For those wondering if KK made the trip, he definitely was there on the bench. He stays very engaged during the games, even doing a little coaching himself at times, when the coaches are talking to someone else. He was out on the floor doing some shooting during the pregame in both games at Indy. Still has his boot on for now. He’s really built up in the upper body, but I guess he was already

Team chemistry and player development has been lacking for a long frustrating time. It has been great watching Muss teach and mold the team. Last years work with a thin and small roster was very good…This year is even better. There are not many coaches that take 9 new players and amplify their talent to this level. The team chemistry is great and their unselfish play has rewarded all the Razorback nation with a spot in the Sweet Sixteen. If we play well Saturday, we will be in the Elite Eight.

Kudos to the players, Coach Muss, and his staff for this year. I fully expect that we will be very good every year and Coach Muss will win another National Championship for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Not sure I agree with that, if you’re referring to his defensive prowess.

No, my statement was about offense.

Aloha PJ,

Thank-you for the analysis. I previously had the impression you were holding out against CEM and his staff…glad to read of your updated opinion on CEM, his staff and players.


Yes, I was holding out. I wasn’t going to call him “great” until he accomplished something. BTW, it took me till Year 3 to be convinced that Anderson was going to get out of the ditch. Signing of Portis and Kingsley started changing that.

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