JWill in the starting lineup, last piece of the puzzle is in

Thru the first half of the season, it appeared Arkansas had three pieces that were missing. Muss was able to plug those pieces in the following order

First, it appeared we did not have a true PG. But with Muss’s coaching he has proved to me that you can win big without a true PG if other pieces are there. With Muss’s coaching Tate has become more than adequate and has provided surprising offense.

Second, SG (Sills) lacked height and an adequate handle to match Tate on defense. Freshman Davis plugged that piece.

Finally at the 5, we had the height but not the skills to defend the post and rebound. JWill plugged that final piece.

Hogs turned a corner with the addition of Davis to the rotation and turned the other corner with JWill. I did not expect Davis and JWill perform thus way until next year.

The arrow for the Hogs now is straight up. It is going to take someone to play their best game or Hogs to have an off day to beat them.

This is a complete team now with solid play at all positions and an instant offense off the bench, And of a course a solid coach.

Recruiting strategy of only signing 4 and 5 star HS players and complete the roster with proven transfers works. With that, Muss will never have rebuilding year.

Very pleased with the State of the Union for Razorback basketball.


Agreed. The part about JWill’s game that has me excited is that he is rebounding with authority now. I even saw him steal one away from Justin Smith at one point, and I thought, “wow, okay, something clicked with him. This kid learned how to rebound with the big boys.”

You have to think that the the trajectory of the program should make recruiting in state a bit easier–and if in-state recruiting is a bit easier, you can focus more time on out-of-state recruits that you really want to steal.

JWill’s passing and rebounding yesterday reminded me a little bit of the Big O (Oliver Miller)! Really like his court awareness and toughness.

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I have been a fan of JWill’s for several years and was certain he would be a significant factor as he went along and got college experience.

And Moody and Davis.

And KK, who I think will blossom next season


You wonder about team chemistry. How would things have been different if KK doesn’t get hurt? Maybe we’d be better, but maybe not. I can’t complain about the way things have turned out, but I hope KK is a major factor in 2022 and beyond.

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Dudley, do you know if KK got left behind this year and is in Fayetteville?

Razorblack posted that he saw KK in the huddle last night during timeouts and that he’s been spending his time not playing in the weight room.

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I just reflect on what we saw from Notae & Tate early in the season and comments about them at the time. Fast forward to now - with the right coach old dogs can be taught new tricks.
As for the development of freshmen, Muss really has that mastered.

We will never know. But what I do like is that we have KK four more years.

Good points Pj… Williams is the best rebounder, passer, and big man coverage on the team. Now’s a beautiful time for the rest of college basketball to witness it.

Yep. If not for the COVID relief he would have played enough games not to have the possibility of an injury hardship (he played 11; we’ve played 30, and the limit is 30% of the season). But now he gets this year back for free.

Do you all think that JWill will go pro after next season?

I don’t. Unless he gets a lot better next year.

Yea, I think he still needs to develop offensively (scoring). He’s already a pretty good passer but could really develop back to the basket moves and shooting from 15 feet on out. Looks like he has a good touch, just really never looked to shoot. Guess that wasn’t his role.

if JWill gets good enough to turn pro after next season, Arkansas is going to have one heck of a season.

To me Devo is closer to being pro-ready than JWill is, and he isn’t ready either.

Well said.

The trend is that the players of JWill’s size turn pro before they are ready.

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I could turn out to be super wrong, but something about Devo and JWill says “3 yr starter” to me. Maybe even 4 years. Probably 3 though.

Don’t be surprised if JWill starts landing on draft boards next year.