JWill at the combine, game 1

Drew a charge, had a nice assist, made a 3 (yes they will occasionally call a charge in the pros) in the first half. Hard to tell what else he’s doing, and I can’t find stats for the game anywhere

Yeah, I couldn’t find any either. In the 2nd half, Jaylin does have a terrific assist to a cutting guard. He also has a slam dunk. I missed the first 8 minutes, but I recorded, so can go back and re-watch.

Jaylin finished with 5 points (2/6 FG, 1/4 3FG), 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 steal and 1 block in 20+ minutes in Team Curry’s 100-81 win today. His team was plus-15 when he was on the floor.

Final box score


Team Curry outscored Team Weaver by 15 points in his time on the floor, yes.

Here is a recap, plus thoughts from a couple of the TV broadcast’s analysts:

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Do they only scrimmage once ?

Jaylin will play again Friday at 2:15 on ESPNEWS.

All the talk is JWill showing the most energy in the combine. Plus great with interviews, which doesn’t surprise.

No need to worry about watching Jaylin today:

Should we read anything into that?

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I never have understood all that stuff either Jeremy

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Jaylin is on the bench with his team. Was told those there know what he brings and want to see more from the other bigs on his team.

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Oh I didn’t see this I was wondering I’ve been watching the last 10 minutes and he hadn’t gotten out the bench yet

So it wasn’t his choice to sit out. I have no idea how to take that.

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I suspect this means he’s received the feedback he’s hoped for and will be drafted.

Or not…?

Are there other players there, sitting out today like Jaylin? If so do you know who they are? That might tell us more about his situation.

It’s just hard to understand how all the NBA guys there decided that they’d seen enough of Jaylin.

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Kenneth Lofton Jr. from Louisiana Tech was, and there was one other, but I couldn’t put a name to the face. These guys are doing a lot more at the arena than just the scrimmages. Eyes are on them all day, and then the interviews.

Believe Shaedon Sharpe left the combine earlier. Understand because he no longer needed to participate.