Juwan Howard punches coach

In the postgame handshake time in the Michigan vs Wisconsin game (won by Wisky) Juwan punched a Wisky assistant coach in the face. He was upset that the Wisky coach called a time out with 15 seconds left and a big lead. An all out brawl broke out. I watched the video and Juwan defiantly threw the first punch. Not good. Juwan should be fired. No place for this type of behavior in any level of basketball.

Weakest punch ever. If you’re gonna throw a punch, make it count.

Both head coaches should be suspended. Firing Howard would be an overreaction, imo.

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Agree, apparently bag work is not a part of his workout regimen.

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This is the type of incident that the Teeth of the NCAA should have power to police but this is also an example of the gutless world we live in!
It wasn’t much of a punch but the intent and what it caused is the major problem.


The Wisconsin coach instigated all of it. He simply could’ve let Juwan walk right by him, but he had to act like a fake tough guy a##hole.


He should be fired. No excuses. HE IS THE FREEKING FACE OF THE UNIVERSITY.

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Looks like the bald idiot Vitale decided to weigh in on this “ugly” incident, acting like it’s some kind of affront to the sanctity of basketball.

Big deal. These are grown men in a competitive situation. Let them work it out.


Oh, come on, man. really?

My first thought too. Let em settle it on the court! Imagine if cal threw a punch. Would u want him fired forever or want to see him come back around to the bud again? But on second thought. He would probably get killed. And rightfully so, I mean there’s no choice but getting some revenge in this situation for some bs weak shot after the game. We don’t need that. It’s just enticing off court violence to let him keep coaching. Totally not cool. Give peace a chance :v: let that man hit the road

Jeg, you may want to read espn’s report on the incident. Howard first contact was with an assistant poking his finger in his face then he took a swing at the head coach. Howard has been under a lot of pressure because they haven’t played even close to early predictions. He lost his cool plain and simple.

UMich might pull the trigger and fire him over this, deserved or not. They haven’t been happy with him for a while now. UMich now has a “reason” to fire Juwan for cause and not pay him.

I watched the video. Wisc coach instigated all of it; I agree Howard should’ve kept his cool. But he didn’t. Is it enough of a reason to fire him? I don’t think so. But they might do it becuz a lot of big money donors up there in Ann Arbor haven’t been pleased with Howard’s W/L results past several seasons.

Yeh really, there is no way to sugar coat this. Perhaps next time he can just coldcock a referee. Perhaps he can spit on an interviewer because he was angry about a question asked. You can’t let something like this slide. Maybe we need to apologize for Woody Hayes. It is indefensible.

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Yeah, I’m not a Mich fan so I don’t really care.

How is this any worse than what goes on in hockey? Players AND coaches fight all the time in the NHL and minor leagues. No one cares.

I didn’t say let it slide. read what I posted.

I wouldn’t want him as my coach. Not a good look. I suspect he steps down.

me either. he’s not a very good coach. underachieved mightily with lots of roster talent. a lot of mich fans want him gone. they might get what they want after today.

That would be the best outcome for him and the University of Michigan.

i could care less if mich wants to dropkick him to the curb. no skin off my nose. howard was never a very good coach to begin with.

No keep him! We might end up facing Mich in a bracket some day…