Justin Smith - Possibly Returning Next season?

Anyone else hearing this - leaving the door open slightly to return at least?

Just Twitter/message board talk 'round the Internet mind you. Nothing solid.

Boy, if Muss could convince Justin to return next season, that would be better than any transfer big they could grab from the portal imo.

He’s so mature and unflappable no matter what is thrown at him, but probably a year away from making it onto an NBA roster. If he returns to Arkansas, he could add more to his game that he currently doesn’t have enough of right now.

Another season with Muss – with all his NBA coaching experience and connections, would it be a good idea for Justin to return for another season at Arkansas or no, he needs to move on and get his pro career started wherever?

Again, let me clarify, I’ve no “inside” info about Justin and/or his future plans re: basketball. Just posting on some of the rumors/talk/conversation out there right now about him. That’s all.

He hasn’t indicated anything publicly that I know of. I’d be surprised if he came back, but man that would be a great re-addition.

Muss said it was time for all three of those guys to move on, and that he had told them that. But maybe the feedback points him to another year. Work on his outside shot, perhaps.

Would be a tremendous asset for sure but doesn’t seem likely


U could be right. Maybe he got his draft “analysis/feedback” back or whatever they call it and it wasn’t what he expected? Maybe he was advised by NBA folks to return and play for Muss one more season to improve in certain areas, like expanding his offensive game out to the 3-pt line?

Who really knows.

I would love for Justin to return to Arkansas next season, but I do feel kinda selfish saying that.

Connor Noland’s dad (who seems to be the one who helped connect Muss and Yurachek when he was hired) was the one who floated that possibility. He just basically said that he had thought there was zero chance but had heard that he was becoming more open to the idea, possibly. Justin isn’t just in it for basketball and seems to value his education, so maybe another year of working on his MBA (or whatever he’s pursuing academically) before trying pro ball is at least tempting him.

Or maybe not. Others with sources indicate they’ve heard nothing like this, so I wouldn’t think any of us should get our hopes up too much.

I do think it’s interesting that most of us as fans keep hoping that we’ll be connected to a big in the portal, but it seems to be mostly guards that we’re after.

He signed with an agent.

Ok well that settles that then lol

Good luck to Justin I hope he makes it in the NBA

He is also not on the roster on Razorbacks.com.

I thought that didn’t matter any more if it was an NCAA approved agent. And, if he didn’t take any advance money.

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He signed with an agent.

I thought that didn’t matter any more if it was an NCAA approved agent. And, if he didn’t take any advance money.
Seems like it would not be declared “official” until then.
But what do I know.

Correct. If it’s an NCAA approved agent, he could come back. The NCAA website lists 38 approved agents: No idea if Justin, or Moses for that matter, signed with one. Obviously there are a lot of agents who didn’t bother because they have no intention of letting their clients go back to school.

Has there been an example of a player who signed with an NCAA approved agent intentionally?

Next question if anyone has done that? Did they return to school?

Ah, ok. The focus does seem to be on guards. Maybe the staff feels, even w/Ethan gone, that they have a solid enough group of 5 up front.

So do we hold out hope it’s an ncaa approved agent so he can come back?

Man we could be pre season number 1 or close if he comes back

Love watching him play

Really enjoyed him and would love to see him again, but I just don’t see it happening. Maybe he did not get a good NBA report and wants to take this chance to get that MS degree or improve his NBA grade. I certainly wish him the best.

Let’s keep in mind that the tweeter that started the rumor about the possibility of Smith returning, did it for two reasons.

One, Smith hasn’t announced publicly that he is not returning like Tate did.
Two, Muss has not filled one open scholarship.

That tweeter admits he has not heard any such rumor himself.

Josh Primo at Alabama and Maryland’s Aaron Wiggins are a couple of names I’ve seen who have signed with NCAA-certified agents. Neither has made a decision as of now.

Thanks. Hope that’s the case with Justin. Maybe a ray of hope,

I would assume Justin is smart enough to leave all options open at this point. Just listening to him talk in interviews he is a very bright individual.

Justin Smith and Jalen Tate are going pro.

They are in town finishing up the school year and working out with coaching staff getting ready for draft.

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