Justin Smith on not being named to All-SEC teams

“At the end of the day … some of those guys are going to have to see me, and see us," he said.

Justin Smith was a bit surprised but unfazed by not being named All-SEC by the league’s coaches and AP on Tuesday. More:


Justin, I’m 67 years old and I’m so proud your on our team. I need a hoodie that just says “Dog”.

I’ve been going to games since 1973. I’ve seen many come and go. My heart sank when you got hurt.

Then the time line given for coming back. Then poof you back. Thanks for you big heart and courage to help our team.

Go Hogs! BTW Great article!

One of those out-of-the-park homeruns from the transfer world. Essential.

Justin is all class, came here for one purpose to get better and he has done that. I believe somebody will get a steal at the next level. You know Muss will help him get a shot.

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