Justin Fields

It’s open season for moving to a more favorable school under the current climate and rules. So I personally don’t have a problem with Fields getting immediate eligibility in Columbus. It saddens me to see these changes of moving from team to team since I’m an old fart who dislikes how money has changed college sports (for none the better).

But under the system we have it is hard to be upset with a youngster that has the potential to make millions in the NFL or NBA and needs PT to prove their worth.

I’m thinking things at Georgia may be shakey with the coaches/players bailing.

Mitch would have been our QB at some point had he stayed here. In house politics spoiled any chance he had here though.
Then he chose the wrong place at the wrong time for a new start.

You think he would have beat out Mallet?

That’s one of the reasons Mallet didn’t come to AR in the 1st place. Highly doubt Mallet would have transferred here if Mustain was still on board.

… there are two "t"s in Mallett. :sunglasses:

Dang it Marty, there you go again teaching us (me) proper spelling & gramar.