Justin Fields

Why would he be eligible next season at Tosu?

Because a UGA baseball player called him the N word at some point during the season, so he transferred for safety reasons.

Not condoning bad behavior by others, but the NCAA is a joke. On the surface this looks somewhat convenient, but maybe I don’t know enough details. The premier schools get passes, such as Patterson at Michigan. Has Fields been given immediate eligibility? I guess turning a blind eye in the recruiting process is not enough, now you can poach them off the campus that out recruited you.

A rule change last year made immediate eligibility available to those who could show “documented mitigating circumstances that are outside the student-athlete’s control and directly impact the health, safety and well-being of the student-athlete.”

There is obviously a lot of ambiguity there. Shea Patterson and some other former Ole Miss players were able to play because they said the two-year postseason ban was outside their control. Tom Mars, the Little Rock attorney, worked their case. He is assisting in Fields’ case, too, so the assumption is that Fields will be eligible immediately. That has not been decided.

The rate of transfers receiving immediate-eligibility waivers is increasing. That goes for all sports that have the one-year resdshirt rule in place.

Oh Gosh! That dude spat on me, I want to go here, here, or here am I will “feel” safe then.
Oh and I want to play immediately. Disgusting PC mindless clap trap. Too many brain washed
lemmings sauntering about in search of a tree.

To add to yours, “I don’t feel safe riding the pine here, I might get a splinter”.

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Too true!

fact that Georgia first baseman Justin Sasser was kicked off the team was warranted and thus I also believe it is a valid reason for Fields to be immediately eligible under current NCAA guidelines.

I also believe that the girls who got death threats from Arkansas fans when they didn’t stand for the national anthem should have been immediately eligible.

And those who have sick and/or dying parents.

All of those are different situations than being spit on or just not playing.

http://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-foo … 5w2nplqh05

I understand that but they transfer to the State of Mississippi and to A&M…fan bases which, for the most part, I guarantee you would not approve of kneeling for the anthem.

Never would have happened that way if the coach and administration had not mishandled the situation from the beginning

Spinelessly mishandled.

I might could come up with 27 different “reasons” to
“warrant” immediate starting at a different school.
All rational- at least to me. If Fields was penciled in to
start next year, I wonder if this discussion would be
taking place.

I don’t condone what the drunken, idiot, redneck baseball player did, but come on. The guy was dealt with and is probably no longer in Athens. Justin Fields has a better chance of hearing that word from someone of his own race in Columbus Ohio than he does of hearing it in Sanford Stadium again.

I hate what some idiot, drunk, or both said, but it would shock me that there are not idiots or drunks on campus or at games in Columbus. Seems I read somewhere that Justin’s sister either signed or committed to some type of scholarship at Georgia after this incident. Don’t know that this is true , so not presenting it as fact. I don’t begrudge the kid the opportunity to be where he is happy, safe, or whatever but really question the application of rules by the NCAA.

You are correct. his sister, Jaiden, will be attending and playing softball at Georgia.

So, one idiot in a crowd of 92,000 people can say that one word and that makes Justin immediately eligible to take advantage of the NCAA rule. I’m not sure how you compare death threats to this. I’m not minimizing how wrong it was. The school was correct to dismiss the player. But, where is the line. Is it just that one word or do others qualify?

His sister has more courage and apparently intelligence than
her brother. He is using the political atmosphere to weasel
his way into what he perceives to be a better chance to be
the BMOC. He is gaming the situation. It stinks and it will
probably work. He probably fits the Columbus OSU group
think-they deserve each other. In essence this is a win for

I wish we could have and afford to lose a 5* QB.

I stand by my thoughts.

Doesn’t make my opinion right, but is how I feel, and yes, I fully realize it is a way to game the system.

Just as coaches do.

I don’t know how intelligent Justin Fields is, but I would never question someone’s IQ over one decision, especially if I have never met that person.

I doubt you all would be so upset if he had transferred here.

They live in the subdivision across from me. I have not met them but have only heard good things about them. He was no primadonna in high school. He was a team player. My earlier comments weren’t to vilify them. From what I hear, he is what we hope for in a student athlete. He will graduate (unless he goes pro). He won’t get into trouble. He just made the wrong choice thinking he could beat out their starting QB. But, no one should question his intelligence. Four of eight five-star QBs from 2016-18 are transferring and 11 of the 19 five-star QBs since 2010 elected to transfer. Justin is in that group. While I don’t blame them for trying to game the system, i fear the intent of the rule gets minimized when a situation really occurs like you mentioned with the girls getting death threats.

By the way, take a look at how the former Ohio State backup QB, Mattrell, is trying to game the system to play next year in Miami. He is claiming he could graduate by summer as a trues sophomore? If not, he is going to claim the coaching changes are forcing him to make a change. So, Fields isn’t the only one gaming the system.


I doubt you all would be so upset if he had transferred here.

[/quote]Seems you have conveniently lumped all the various inputs into one position. Many of us have the ability to view a matter based on information and on principle and belief. As far as I view the matter, the details of the story are the same regardless of where he was transferring. If the NCAA ruled inconsistently in the favor of Arkansas, it would still be inconsistent.

I also think that while the incident that is being used to justify this decision is sadly racial in nature, the concern that I have is more macro in nature, ie the NCAA having the discretion to not only have door open for waiving the transfer process rules but also standing at the door as gatekeeper. One could probably ask the Mizzou people how they feel regarding the even handedness of the NCAA.

<I wish we could have and afford to lose a 5* QB.>

We’ve lost two. Gary Brash Ears and Mitchell the Mustaine. Neither would have been our QB had they stayed here.