Justin Fields to tOSU

almost done deal, and it makes sense.

“Three days into his tenure as Ohio State coach, Ryan Day is making a ruthless move. Friday, Ohio State was playing host to former five-star quarterback recruit Justin Fields, who is transferring from Georgia. Some reports have indicated that Fields to Ohio State is a done deal, and if it’s not yet, it seems like it eventually will be. Multiple sources told The Athletic that things were looking good for Ohio State to land Fields, and given that classes start Monday, decisions must happen fast. Fields is going to petition the NCAA for immediate eligibility, and multiple reports indicate he has a good chance of winning it”

that from the Athletic who are very reliable in their reporting.

https://theathletic.com/749956/2019/01/ … hio-state/

That means that Tate Martell should be on the market at end of spring. I don’t see us attracting elite transfer QB’s yet, nothing proven and nothing from SMU accomplishments to woo a 5star nationally prestigous QB just yet. I know that the CCM word was that we would be in the hunt for a grad transfer qB. No comment by me for the Ty Story is good enough, because he probably is. Making a media splash helps recruiting, so if we could get a Martell or Buechele then I think media attention to AR (which kids repeat and formulate attention spans from) will improve and be a bit more positive. We need it, we have a nice class but not an uber nice class so far. I’m hoping we can find that grad QB transfer to make a point that Fayetteville has not returned to the Lou Holtz observation of how close we are to the end of the earth, but can take us at face value. As DD has pointed out for decades, get them to visit and then we have a chance (unless you got stiffed by Bama on signing day and could not visit). Only grad transfer qB’s will fill the media attention getting, not OL or dL or whatever.