Justice, Jimmy and Jalen

Is there a shooter in the house? Can any of these guys hit over 30% from beyond the arc? Can they make FT’s with the game on the line? I know that Jalen can penetrate and facilitate. I know his handle is tight and his vision is good. I haven’t seen Senor Buckets play the point. But his SMU numbers suggest he does everything well but shoot. Is he better at stopping dribble drive than Jalen? All I know of Justice is that he is athletic, short and smart. Which of these 3 would you prefer to have the ball in their hands with the game on the line?

It is too early to talk about Justice. He will be just a freshman plus I don’t know he will be with us. Between Jimmy and Jalen, I would say Jimmy for sure. He is a clear upgrade over Jalen. Getting Jimmy could mean a couple of close wins next season. He looks more poised and confident than Jalen. I admit I only watched two SMU games last year.

Was Jimmy running the point at SMU? I kind of thought he was a 2 guard there. He can get to the hole and he can defend but he can’t shoot 3’s and by his stats at SMU he has lost his touch at the free throw line.

Jalen is what he is. Quick, surprisingly a good free throw shooter, good assist to turnover ratio but still can’t shoot much more than a layup. His defense is suspect at times. I think Jimmy has him beat as the better defender but not sure on everything else.

Justice is an elite athlete. In high school and AAU he could get by almost anyone but the knock was he couldn’t hit a jump shot consistently. I guess we won’t know if that has changed until we see it for ourselves. Something tells me he’s not going to be with us. I hope that’s not the case but it sure seems to be.

The best defender out of these 3 seems to be Justice Hill! He can shut down an opposing guard! I’m not impressed with Jalen Harris on offense with the ball in his hands and the game on the line. His shooting caused a lot of close games last season. Witt can take a shot from half court and be more effective than Jalen.
On offense for Justice Hill I will wait and see what he does on the floor. I just Hope Justice Hill suits up and is a Hog!

I think the best defender is very obviously Whitt. Hard to say it’s Hill since we’ve never seen him against D1 level talent. But his size at 5’10 (generously) is concerning. Whitt is 6’3 with a much bigger wingspan, he’s been playing against high D1 competition for three seasons, he was pretty much top 10 in the AAC in all steals categories.

Yeah Whitt is much stronger and more athletic than he was as a FR. Great anticipation and good in passing lanes. Reminds me of Walker a lot, he just takes passes.

Justice is definitely the best DB of the bunch, could be slot or boundary corner. Isn’t that playing defense?

Is there a possibility that Hill switches full time to football, giving up his basketball scholarship?

Whitt will be a liability with the game on the line unless he makes major improvements shooting the 3 and FT’s. Otherwise he won’t be on the floor at crunch time. Doesn’t mean he won’t be a big factor before crunch time driving to the hole and his defense and rebounding.
I just hope he doesn’t try to do too much to prove his worth for coming back.

Hill may be the same at this point until we see him against D-1 competition.

Jalen right now I would trust to facilitate the offense with the game on the line. Good FT shooter. Our current players know his tendencies and where to be.
He needs to work on 3 pt shooting and finishing at the rim.

Right now we don’t know which one is going to rise above.

I don’t consider 68% from the line to be good enough for a PG. Need to see that # over 75. Do we know if Justice still has a desire to play football? My understanding of the rules is that a guy on a basketball scholly can not play football.

Here’s the rule on playing both, just so we can clear this up.

A basketball player will stay on basketball scholarship until he appears in a football game, at which point he has to go on football scholarship. If, for example, Justice was practicing with the football team but had not appeared in a game, he would still be on basketball scholarship.

This would prevent a basketball program from “hiding” a player on the football team who is never going to play football and using that scholarship elsewhere.

Justice Hill shut down Kentucky point guard in AAU ball and has the quickness to stay in front! Whitt may be taller but I haven’t seen Whitt shut down anyone like that! I’d take 4 years seeing Hill over Whitt for 1 year!

There’s always that possibility, but I don’t see it as a probability, especially since I don’t see a football scholarship available for him.

It is certainly not the plan as of today from the Hills.

And by the way, Justice is an excellent defender.

Sure, but that wasn’t the question. The question was who is the best defender “right now”.