justice hill

I know it will be a while before this kid gets to the hill but I’m fired up about him. Kids a baller. Quick and smart little general. I guess the 3 instate kids will be juniors when he’s a freshman.

Indeed. He has everything you want in a college PG. There are rumors of him possibly reclassifying to 2018. I’ve not substantiated any of that, though.

That’s the big rumor. If true, I love it.

Should be easy to found out the truth about that.

I just sent his dad a text.

Do you feel he will be ready for D1 basketball in 2018?

on a possible 2018 reclassification.

“No sir. No chance whatsoever as long as I’m his Daddy.”

And, there’s that. Thanks.

I do think he could fare well if he did reclassify to 2018. I’m really high on him.

What an interesting response. I wouldn’t have thought that question/rumor would lead to that strong response.

Regardless, I’m glad we have him. He sounds like a great player and great kid.

That sounds like the words of a Daddy that had the conversation with his Son at some point. That’s probably close to what he said to his boy, assuming the conversation took place. :slight_smile:

Good for Fitz.

I like that. One more year of maturity and he can come here ready to take over the point.

Educator first and foremost

I didn’t find that response off at all

I didn’t say the response was off…just interesting. It’s not worth arguing or discussing further. I simply didn’t expect such a strong response because I didn’t realize reclassification was a bad thing if his academics and athletics allow for it and justify it.

I don’t know enough about it to understand how/why reclassifying undermines an education. I just asked because that was a rumor. The passionate response was surprising because I didn’t know there were major negatives associated with reclassification.

For the 2017-18 season I doubt that Macon is one and done short of him scoring 30+ in the final four on national tv.

With the addition of Khalil Garland next season we should be fine at Floor General.

The Senior year of HS is probably the greatest year of a boy’s life. I know it sure was for me. It could be that Fitz doesn’t want his son to miss that.

Also, I don’t know how close Justice is to graduating, but if it would require a couple years of summer school, that could prevent his playing AAU ball, which is good for his development and exposure.

It fits Fitz. I could not resist. His son is blessed in more ways than
just athletically.

I’ve known Fitz practically since he was in diapers, and known his mom for almost 50 years as well. So I know he was raised right, and he’s doing the same with Justice. I would have been shocked if he allowed Justice to reclassify. Our high school (Fitz and I went to the same school) had a very liberal early graduation policy when we were there; one summer school English class was about all it required. I think it’s more difficult now that there are tougher standards for high school graduation.

I know a little about this in both directions. I started school in second grade instead of first, so I was a year younger than my classmates. Then with my son, we held him back a year at the advice of his kindergarten teacher who thought he needed an extra year of maturity before first grade. Bad move. Should have left him where he was. And I probably should have stayed where I was. Academically, we did fine, but we both had socialization problems as a result.

For the record, I am all in favor of this happening! :smiley: