Justice Hill ?

He’s putting up huge numbers in the playoffs for LR Christian, outplayed Criswell recently, etc. Since he’ll be on campus this spring, might he go through spring practice with the football team? Or has that already been decided?

Based on what’s gone on in the past, he would then count on the football scholarship limit. The NCAA won’t let a guy stay on basketball scholarship and be on the football team. On the other hand Matt Jones hooped it up while being on football scholarship, so the rule is to keep Bama, etc. from stashing five more scholarship guys on the basketball/baseball/track teams.

Pretty sure he can go through practice, but the minute he plays in a game he’s on a football scholarship.

That’s my understanding too. Thus the question. I knew Justice and Fitz had talked to CM. I’ve known Fitz forever and we’re friends on Facebook so I guess I could ask him myself.

Decided to be basketball only


Hope he stays as far away from football as he can. He needs full time work on basketball to strengthen some of his weaknesses to do what he says he wants to do in basketball. He has very high expectations of himself in basketball. And Mike Anderson placed his trust in him when he was a freshman.

Of course, he is a good football player and can contribute to the football team. But being half pregnant in both sports is not going to work. Pick one or the other and stick with it.

There’s my answer then. Guess I’d missed that.

I will be very surprised if he doesn’t try to play at some point. Very surprised.

Maybe not next year, but at some point in the future.

What if he gave up his basketball scholarship and was instead a walk-on? Could he then play football and not be one of the 85?

Didn’t Manny Watkins give up a scholarship? Or maybe he never started with one?

I’m sure Morris would put him on scholarship.