Justice Hill

Man his numbers are way down this year from where they were last year at Murray State. Is it just the step up in competition, or is there something else going on?

He missed some games (ours included) for personal reasons. That hurt. I watched some of the game today. I think the better competition really hurt him.

He hasn’t fared well
In the SEC to this point. Maybe next year he will kick it up.

It is the SEC. He was sort of doing okay in non-conference. Too little.

Coach A chose poorly. Should have went harder for McBride…especially after Reggie Perry was bought and paid for.
Justice couldn’t decide between hoops and football, and that turned Muss off. Can’t say I blame him.
He’s not an SEC point guard.


I think the main issue for Muss was that Hill wasn’t good enough to play at this level. And Muss turned out to be right.


So you’re not buying that 6’ listing either? What really surprised me was his FT%. Almost 20% lower this year than last. I guess SEC FT Defense is better than is in the mid-majors!

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