Justice Hill


I saw a highlight video on Justice Hill (out of Little Rock, now LSU) and the name rang a bell. But, I can’t recall whether Arkansas even recruited him, either at football or basketball. Looks like he is doing well in basketball.

He was on campus as a hoops player. Mike wanted him. Chad did not. Muss did not. So he left.

Juice plays at LSU now. We’ll see him later in the season.

He had 13 points and 7 assists last night in LSU’s won over KC.

I’ve always liked Justice’s skills for the college game. I think the thing about his recruiting that surprised me the most was that Mike didn’t recruit him to St John’s. Maybe he did, and Justice just didn’t want to go to NY City?

Clearly, his game and stature didn’t fit Muss’ PG profile. I hope he does great at LSU, just not when they play the Hogs.

I was very disappointed when Muss pulled his scholarship. High character kid that always wanted to be a Razorback, right from 8th grade. Good to see his career blossom at Murray State. Let’s see what he can do in SEC. Thing that surprised me watching him at Murray State is how improved his three point shot was. He used to brick those often in high school.

I can’t quite get my head around the stature issue coming from Muss, especially when he got Lykes from the Portal.

Signing Lykes kinda stumped me too. Muss just seems to prefer big guards. I was hoping for Kareem Reid with a jump shot…but, no.

As far as Justice, I still think a lot of that had to do with Muss wondering how serious Justice was about basketball when he focused on football his senior year. Obviously, Justice was an early enrollee for us in basketball, so I’m just spit-balling here.

You also have to remember that a lot of people thought Coach A made a mistake taking Justice over McBride.

In any event, I’m happy Justice has worked hard, and is seeing success. He comes from a great family. I hope he sets the world on fire in all games but 2 this year.

Speaking of McBride, both he and Vanover hit 3 trays against St. Mary’s last Monday. Ask me how I know…. College basketball junkie.

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Better than crack, lol. But seriously, wish I had seen that game. A lot of people don’t know that Connor and McBride played together in high school. Did ORU win?

Lost 78-70. St Mary’s has a bunch of shooters from down under.

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Maybe Muss can pull a couple of those Aussies out of the portal.

The first step in getting help is admitting you have a problem… :wink: :joy:

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Lunardi’s latest bracketology has us playing ORU in the first round (us 3 seed, them 14).

I watched the 1st half of ORU & ST. Marys’ and then fell asleep… west coast game was too late for me. CV played a decent game, and Mackey apparently came alive in the 2nd half to help get ORU back in it. I read that they cut it to 4, before the Gaels pulled away again at the end.

I think both of those teams have a chance to make the post season. St. Mary’s beat Gonzaga last year, have some experienced guys, but were lead in scoring by a true freshman.

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