Justice Hill workout video....


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_Wr-lJhnt … e=youtu.be


This kid is going to be special. PG is going to be one of our strengths for a long time. Now if we can add the very best from our state every year, we could be breathing the rarified air again soon.

Justice gets it. Work work work at your craft with quality coaches, trainers, & other support.
Special kid & glad he stayed home.


Now you know why I keep saying “get those football fantasies out of your head”. If he focuses on basketball full time, with his work ethic, he could become a special PG. He is not there yet. Range on jump shot is not there yet. But it has improved every year and so has the handle. But By end of 2019-20 season, he could relegate Harris to the bench.

Harris, and Sills will each benefit from both guarding and playing offense against Justice in practice the rest of the year. Harris and Sills will not be playing against any quicker PGs in SEC play than Justice.

LSU’s Tremont Watters disagrees with you.

I would say Gerald Doakes is near Watters level of quickness. That first step of Doakes is something “nasty”

has great ball skills for sure…

Since Hill enrolled early is this considered a redshirt year?

Yes, I guess he would disagree since I saw a quote from his this past fall something to the effect of “I’m not only going to be the best PG, but the best guard in the country”. But, since he’s down in every statistical category from last year, except steals, perhaps “he” has a little higher opinion of himself than is warranted.

I don’t know, when I think of “quick” PGs, Waters never entered my mind. Now Westbrook, Isaiah Thomas, and Kyrie Irving, absolutely. Waters is “fast” up and down the court, but quick twitch, I don’t know? Plus he’s close to playing “bad” so far this year. Nearly as many turnovers (4.2) as assists (5.4), 41% FG, 30% on 3s. He’ll probably play lights out against us this year, but at this stage of the season, I’m not sure I’d trade Harris for him.

He’s good, real good!..

Then, what’s the matter with Tremont Waters this year? I wouldn’t argue that he wasn’t real good last year as a freshman. However, when, as a sophomore, you are down in every single offensive category and have decreased your assists while increasing your turnovers by nearly 50%, I would not call him “real good” so far this season. Who knows, maybe Waters will turn his season around after these first 13 games. Right now, I wouldn’t bet against Harris outplaying him in less than 2 weeks.

Who are you talking about?

Oh, I just noticed he didn’t “quote” my response to Dudley about Tremont Waters, PG for LSU. He just posted “time-wise” directly under my post. I took it that his response was to my post. My bad if he wasn’t responding to me. If he was referring to Justice, then I agree. Thanks for pointing that out. I’m going to add Waters’ name to my post. I certainly see why you asked that question.

My biggest concern with Justice Hill is his 3 point shot, the great equalizer especially for guards his size… He looks capable in these videos with no defense on him
but I watched a video of a aau game last year he played against team thad and he was shooting multiple air balls from 3 when guarded… If he can’t knock down the three consistently he will struggle offensively on this level…I’m hoping he is working extremely hard to be a knock down shooter because it’s hard enough to blow by people in this league and you definitely won’t do it if you are not a threat shooting the ball

I agree with that. There doesn’t appear to be a problem with his shooting stroke. Knowing how hard Justice works on his game, I’m betting he’ll really work hard these next 9 months on his shot. When Dusty came here from TTech, he was a good, not great shooter. He took full advantage of his red-shirt year and made himself a great 3-point shooter. I think Justice will strive to do the same thing. It’s also great that he’ll get to work against Harris and Desi in practice these next 3 months.

I thought that Dusty was a much better than good shooter coming out of high school.

You are right. Dusty was a great shooter in high school.

Hill is a very athletic PG with ball handling and passing skills. He’ll make everyone on the team better.

Also, a good defender.

Response: first allow me to clarify my post, my comments were directed to Justin Hill as it relates to his overall basketball skill sets as Real Good. As it relates to Waters I think he is like a lot of first year players that received a lot of success on the basketball court, now he is in his second season and teams are more prepared for him through films, also his social activity may have increased on campus and off, and it has directly affected his game, we will see if they can right the ship As it relates to his play on the court for LSU