Justice Hill will attend JC

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Richard, you said he had 3 years to play 3 seasons of basketball? Why wouldn’t he have 4 years to play 4 if he redshirted the 2nd semester of 2018/19? He won’t have to sit a year going into, or transferring out of a JC. As a full qualifier out of HS, he should be able to play one year of JC and then transfer to a D-1 school, if offered, and have 3 to play 3 at that D-1 university.

Sorry, didn’t word it correctly. He’ll have three to play three at his next school after a year of JC.

What’s the connection to Salt Lake?

Aftrt reviewing his numbers in high school, I’m thinking he should be playing quarterback at Oklahoma. Those guys know what to do with 5’ 10, athletic QB’s. Good luck to Justice in Salt Lick. If nothing else, I’m sure he’ll enjoy the scenery.

Justice Hill remains the true victim of coaching change at Arkansas. At least for the moment, all concerned, Anderson, TJ, Scotty, Watkins, Embery, Ibby have landed somewhere on both feet and seem quite happy and recharged.

Justice is the only one that seemed to be left hanging. Something that he had worked towards and looked forward to for three years, finally got it and then it was gone. Feel sad for the young man.

Basketball is the sport he loves the most. I hope he eventually accomplishes what he set out to accomplish. Hoping this story ends well.

Although I think the Coaching change was the right move, it’s effect on the kids, is sometimes sad. I wish this young man nothing but the best, in his future. I was really looking forward to seeing him play in a Razorback uniform.
Wooo Pig Sooieee :boar::basketball::football:

Wish that kid the best! ghg

Justice and Fitz have always been great to deal with for me.

Hate to see him not get to play here after being committed for so long , but life is not fair and we all travel different paths.


Noticed former 4 star and St. John’s signee Cameron Mack is on the roster. Mack decommitted when Coach Mullin was fired.